Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan Joins Cricket Legends to Launch Cricket World Cup 2023

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The transcript of the video goes like this:

Welcome to another day where we all have rich histories. The difference lies between making history and being history, Blondie. [Music plays] On that one day, jerseys will be born, and chests will swell with pride. Memories will be made and asked about on that one day. [Music continues] Applause rings out as fears are conquered and odds are braved on that day. From the eyes of joy to the laws of anguish, it will all be embraced on that one day. Rivalries will be redefined on the pitch, and respect will be reimagined in the stands. The power of belief will emerge from the hearts of a billion, [Music plays] as dancers dance and eyes widen in wonder on that one day. When that day comes, when it finally arrives, celebrations will be motorized. This is the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, where everything ever done, wished for, and lived for culminates in just one day.

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