Mirzapur: Episode 1 “Jhandu”


The first episode of the Mirzapur series, which was telecasted on 16 November 2018 on Amazon Prime Video named as Jhandu. In this episode, we get to see a lot of characters, but it revolved mainly around five characters, Akhandanand Tripathi, Munna Tripathi, Guddu Pandit, Ramakant Pandit, and Bablu Pandit. Let us see a quick recap of the first episode. If you have not watched the first episode of Mirzapur, you can probably give it a go.


Episode 1 introduced us to the characters of the series. Phoolchand Tripathi is generally addressed as Munna Bhai. He is a rogue and wants to be the leader of Mirzapur. Akhandanand Tripathi, the father of Munna Bhaiyya, is famously known as Kaleen Bhaiyya. He himself is a gangster, opium seller, and ruler of Mirzapur. Ramakant Pandit is a veracious lawyer. Guddu and Bablu are two siblings studying in a Mirzapaur college and also Ramakant Tripathi’s sons.

Unaware of the consequences, Munna Bhai created chaos by accidentally murdering a groom. The twist arises when Ramakant Pandit fearlessly takes the murder case and is determined to punish Munna Bhai.

Extended Plot

The first episode starts with the scene where Munna Tripathi creates a mess during a marriage ceremony by killing the groom. Actually, being the son of the leader of Mirzapur, he has the freedom to do anything anywhere there. But a man named Ramakant Pandit is against his criminal activities. He is a lawyer by profession, and we will get to know more about him ahead.

Guddu and Bablu were introduced to us while they were sitting in the classroom. Guddu is stout but lacks the willingness to study. For this reason, he suffers in the same year of college for two years. However, his younger brother Bablu is well-versed in his studies and has a dream to go to Lucknow for IAS preparation.

The guardian of the groom whom Munna had killed visits Ramakant Pandit, a lawyer, who, after looking at Munna’s face, immediately takes the case in his hand. However, a police officer soon gets to know about the case against Munna, and to make him aware of the same, and he arrives at Tripathi’s home.

The police officer reveals everything to Kaleen bhaiyya about the case. Kaleen bhaiyya scolds Munna for keeping three guns with himself without a license. Munna is now out of his mind, and taking his father’s gun, he retreats to Ramakant’s home.

Ramakant Pandit is living with his wife Vasudha Pandit, a daughter Dimpy Pandit, and two sons, Guddu Pandit and Bablu Pandit, in a small house which is visited by Munna on the same night. Munna is in the home to force Ramakant Pandit to take back the case. But Ramakant seems to be a fearless man and denies the case alteration. After this, a fight between Munna and Ramakant Pandit’s family takes place.

Here, for the first time, Vasudha uses a gun, and because of her bravery, they hurt Munna enough to make him go away from their home.

After this scene, Guddu and Bablu ask Ramakant to back away from the case, but he denies it by saying that he is not a fugitive. There we also get to see the fearless side of Dimpy as she is with her father in this.

When Akhandanand Tripathi knows his son’s situation, he immediately takes the matter into his hand and asks his people to bring Ramakant and his sons to him.

Famous Dialogues


first episode of the Mirzapur - Band Baj Gya

Band Baj Gya. Munna Bhai sarcastically delivers this line after shooting the groom with his gun.


first episode of the Mirzapur - Ma Behan Karne Mein Asani Hogi

Maa Bhi Yahan, Behen Bhi Yahan, Maa-Behen Karne Me Asani Hogi. Munna speaks thes line when he went to Ramakant Pandit’s home to intimidate him into taking back the case.



Abe Padhai Likhai Karo IAS – YAS Bano. Munna Bhai says this line while torturing a student.


Cast and Characters

We see a number of casts in the first episode of Mirzapur. The name of the cast and their characters goes like this.

Pankaj Tripathi plays the character of Akhandanand Tripathi, aka Kaleen Bhaiyya.

Ali Fazal plays the role of Govind Pandit, aka Guddu.

Vikrant Massey is playing the character of Vinay Pandit, aka Bablu.

Divyenndu plays the character of Phoolchand Tripathi, aka Munna.

Harshita Shekhar Gaur plays the character of Dimpy Pandit.

Rajesh Tallang is playing the character of Ramakant Pandit.

Sheeba Chaddha plays the character of Vasudha Pandit.

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