Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 4: “Virginity”

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The fourth episode (Season 1 Episode 4) of Mirzapur season 1 is named Virginity. Guddu and Bablu lose their virginity after killing someone for the first time in their life. The episode was released on the 16th of November 2018. If you have not watched it yet, then you can give it a go by heading on over to Amazon Prime.


The fourth episode is a combination of a lot of scenes. In this episode, we can see almost all the characters. At first, Beena is cheating on Akhandanand Tripathi by going intimate with the servant of the mansion. In another scene, Golu gets shocked when the election commissioner asks her to stand in the election. For the first time, Guddu and Bablu kill someone and in this way lose their virginity. Along with all these mellow dramas, the episode presented the beautiful love story of Guddu and Sweety to lighten our hearts.

Extended Plot

The fourth episode is named virginity. As we discussed in episode 2 how Munna’s competitors took their names from the presidential candidate list. To make the election look fair, the election commissioner (Dr. Randhir Singh) asks Golu to stand up in the opposition to Munna. The reason why he chooses Golu is that she is not only a bright student first but also a hard worker and she will prove to be a tough competitor to Munna. He then gives her a form to fill in if she really wants to go for the election. This gives Golu a shock as she has never expected this but from her face, she looks excited and confused at the same time. The election commissioner says that she has enough time to think about it and probably she can give it a go.

Munna visits the badminton court where sweety was playing badminton while Golu was thinking about whether she should go for the election or not. He asked sweety if she wants to go for a burger date with him at 4 p.m. but sweety rejected his offer by saying that she is going with another one at the same time but for aloo patties date. Actually, she was lying and that she doesn’t want to have any kind of relationship with him. After a while when Munna was not there sweety called Guddu and asked him if he wants to come for the aloo patties date. Guddu and Bablu after shopping for their family went to a restaurant.

At the time when they were returning from the restaurant, they got a call from Sweety. Here, he replies in the affirmative. From there Guddu along with Bablu visit the restaurant where sweety and Golu are waiting for them. Meanwhile Munna along with his friends.

When Munna and Bablu arrived at their home they saw the same two people who filed the case against Munna for killing the groom. Guddu and Bablu troubled him enough to make them retreat from the house and take back the case. When those two men reach their home, they inform the lawyer that they are withdrawing the case.

In a room where Munna and Bablu are alone with their mother, they give her the gift which they have brought for her. She gets happy after looking at the gift. She quotes her son’s works for Kaleen Bhaiya. After a while, when their sister, Dimpy, arrives they try to show her gift. But she said that she is on the side of her father that’s is against Tripathi’s and their illegal work. When Guddu asks what she means by side she replies that the family has already been divided into two halves and they could not see it. How sad is that?

Akhandanand Tripathi takes Munna and Guddu to his carpet factory. Here, they see the manufacturing of carpets. Akhandanand Tripathi says that if they successfully run a gun business, then he would probably involve them in this. The dark side of selling carpets is that they use them for illegal transportation of opium.

Maqbool asks them if they have killed anyone till now they said no. So after this, Maqbul presented a man before them and asked them to shoot him in the head or in the heart. Bablu fires only one bullet in fear, however, Guddu fearlessly fires all the bullets available in his gun.

Famous Dialogues


Mudde Pe Aa Rhe Hain, Raste Me Hain. Dr. Randhir Singh is the speaker.


Aaj Tum Dono Launde Se Mard Ban Gye Ho, Virginity Loose Ho Gyi Hai Tum Dono Ki. Maqbool is the speaker.


Casts and Characters

Prashant Jha is playing the role of Dr. Randhir Singh

Vikrant Pandey is playing the character of Bablu Pandit

Divyendu Sharma is playing the character of Munna Tripathi

Sheeba Chaddha is playing the character of Vasudha Pandit

Shaji Chaudhary is playing the character of Maqbool Khan

Harshita Gaur is playing the character of Dimpy Pandit

Jitendra Shashtri is playing the character of Usman



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