Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 5: “Bhaukal”

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The fifth episode (Season 1 Episode 5) of Mirzapur is named Bhaukal. This episode showed us the rapid progress of Bablu and Guddu. They are taking the gun business of Akhandanand Tripathi to a new height. In addition to this, Munna feels jealous of Guddu and Bablu. Bhaukal was released on 16 November 2018. You can watch this episode on Amazon Prime.


In the fifth episode, we see the rise of Guddu and Bablu. At first, they were doing all the crimes to protect their family from Kaleen Bhaiya’s captivity but now according to them, they are getting fun out of it. The combination of the intelligent mind of Bablu and the physical strength of Guddu changed the whole distribution system of Akhandanand Tripathi’s business. At first, they give a loss but eventually start giving a profit. Seeing the work of Guddu and Bablu, Munna feels sidelined. He is filled with ego now and in search of some plan to end the tale of Guddu and Bablu. Perhaps, we will be able to see this in upcoming episodes.

Extended Plot

The fifth episode (Season 1 Episode 5) of Mirzapur is named Bhaukal. In the previous episode, we saw Guddu and Bablu are given the work to make the truck, which is full of bullets, cross the city of Mirzapur. They successfully take the bus out of the city using the combination of mind and strength. From then, Guddu and Bablu decided that day that Guddu will use his strength and Bablu will use his mind.

The next day, Bablu prepared a list of all those distributors, whom they called kabutar, who are not doing the given duty properly. They (Guddu and Bablu) first visit Sushil Pandey. Sushil opens the door after which Bablu asks him the reason for the low profit. To this Sushil replies that more than half of the guns are useless and when customers would not pay us how would we be able to make a profit. But the answer is detached from reality. Guddu shoots Sushil as they catch him red-handed.

After talking to Kaleen Bhaiya, Bablu and Guddu change the whole distribution system of the factory. Their first plan is to call all the distributors at Kaleen Bhaiya’s home. Here, they separate the active and loyal ones from the non-active and non-loyal ones. Guddu and Bablu share the future plans with the first ones while they give a feast to all the latter ones. While the latter are eating, Guddu shoots at the hand of one of the men after which everyone starts shooting at one another. In conclusion, everyone kills each other.

As we know Ramakant Pandey is against the crime which is going on inside the city of Mirzapur. He is very tense about the condition of Mirzapur and how his sons are getting famous each day for killing people. And his daughter is the only one who is against them while their mother is in support of them every time they come with a new gift for her.

To increase the distribution of guns, Bablu and Guddu call all the history sheeters at one place. They permit them to shoot anyone anytime and not just this they are giving them free guns. In no time the whole city of Mirzapur fell under violence. Each and every person of Mirzapur starts keeping guns for safety. Guddu and Bablu are rising very fast and because of this Munna is feeling sidelined by his father.

Looking at the sorry condition of Mirzapur, we can say that the violence is not in the city but the city is in the violence. Not only this, none of the police officers write FIRs to make the government think that crime rates are decreasing in the city. But the things are actually poles apart. To control the crimes in Mirzapur and because of the election which is going to be held in UP, IG is sent to the city. And only in the upcoming episode, we will get to know the work of IG and how he handles Mirzapur.

In between all these violence and dramas, we see Guddu proposing to sweety but he makes her aware of all the work he does and the violence he is doing right now for Kaleen Bhaiya. But sweety does not back up. Here, we get to know that they are serious about their relationship, and guess what Golu is also with them.

Famous Dialogues

Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 5 -  Famous Dialogues

Ab Sab Darenge Sale. Guddu is the speaker.


Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 5 -  Famous Dialogues

Humko Bandook Ki Madad Se Dar Nhi Badhana Hai, Dar Ki Madad Se Banduk Badhani Hai. Bablu said this in response to Guddu.


Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 5 -  Famous Dialogues

Shaher Thanda Pda Hai, Thoda Garam Kijiye. Bablu says this line while he was having a meeting with history sheeters.


Shuru Majboori Me Kiye The, Ab Mja Aa Rha Hai. Guddu says this line to his father.


Attack Me Bhi Gun, Defense Me Bhi Gun, Hum Banayenge Mirzapur Ko Amrica. Guddu said this line while he was joining Kaleen.


Casts and Characters

Praveen Tiwari is playing the character of IG (Inspector General)

Mukesh Bhatt is playing the character of Haseena

Ashif Khan is playing the character of Babar

Rajesh Tailang is playing the character of Ramakant Pandey

Rasika Dugal is playing the character of Beena Tripathi


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