Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 6: “Barfi”

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Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 6: “Barfi”

The sixth episode of Mirzapur ( Season 1 Episode 6 ) is named Barfi. People of Akhandanand Tripathi use the word Barfi for opium. Apart from the gun business, Akhandanad Tripathi has been involved in selling opium illegally. This episode was telecasted on Amazon Prime on the 16th of November 2018.


After successfully running the Gun business, Kaleen Bhaiya involves Guddu and Bablu in his carpet business. By keeping the law and the world in darkness, Kaleen Bhaiya runs the business of opium under the carpet. He transports opium to different parts of the country by hiding them inside the carpet. The word that they used that day for calling opium is Barfi. And for this reason, the episode is named Barfi because it revolves mainly around the selling and distribution of opium throughout the city and out. Read the extended plot to know the full summary of episode 6.

Extended Plot

The episode starts with the transfer of IG in Mirzapur. Akhand Anand Tripathi and Rati Shankar Shukla meet at the before-party of Holi. Here, they talk about the crimes and violence that are going on around the city. They discuss the idea of stopping violence till the UP election and for this reason, Akhandanand and Rati shake hands. They are now on the path of building trust in the people of Mirzapur.

Meanwhile, Kaleen introduces Guddu and Bablu to the operation of the carpet business. However, in one of the previous episodes, Akhandanand said if they could successfully run the gun business he would include them in the carpet business as well. The main motive behind the selling of carpets was opium, which they called Barfi.

In episode 5 Guddu and Bablu met some transgenders. One of them was Haseena, she tells Guddu and Bablu that they are familiar with the whole city and what goes around it. Thinking about this incident Bablu calls Haseenawere. He introduces Haseena to opium and tries to convince her to work for him. Here, Haseena seems confused and she asks why Bablu wants to include her in the business. Bablu replies that the reason for including her in the business is because she is very well aware of what’s going on in the City.

After some communication, Haseena gets ready to distribute opium in the City. She includes all of her friends in the selling of opium. They have a large number of connections and for this reason, most of the people in the city of Mirzapur start taking it just like the gun. Within no time the sale of opium, which is burfi, has literally increased.

The new IG seems loyal and also against the crime. But whether he is on the side of Kaleen Bhaiya or against him, only time will tell. Watching him and his work, we can tell that he is actually taking steps to decrease crime in Mirzapur. And for this reason, he calls some loyal special cops and gives them a free end to omit crime from the city. Only in the next episode, we would be able to tell if he is really wiping out the crime from the city or not.

Ramakant Pandit is against Guddu and Bablu’s work and for that reason, he is accumulating a lot of evidence to send them to prison. The relationship between Guddu and Sweety takes one more step when sweety introduces Guddu to his father Gupta. Meanwhile, Bablu and Golu become good friends and Bablu is supporting Golu during elections. Guddu wants to be a bodybuilder and for that reason, he does enough exercise. In a scene, Munna gives some kind of medication to him by saying that the medication will increase his strength and will help him in becoming the next Mr. Purvanchal. Actually, this was a prank but Guddu gets serious about it and starts taking the medication then.

Famous Dialogues


Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 6 - Famous Dialogues

Padhayi To Nhi Chal Rhi Hai, Ab To Sirf Thukayi Chal Rhi Hai. Munna is the speaker here.


Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 6 - Famous Dialogues

Paise Jyada Chahiya, Khun-Kharaba Kam, Chhavi Nhi Kharab Honi Chahiye Bhaiya Ki.


Casts and Characters

Ashok Beniwal is playing the character of Special Cop Sinha

Abhishek Banerjee is playing the character of Compounder

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