Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 7: “Lions of Mirzapur”

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The seventh episode of Mirzapur ( Season 1 Episode 7 ) is named Lions of Mirzapur and was released on the 16th of November 2018 on Amazon Prime. In this episode, for the first time after joining Akhandanand Tripathi, Guddu and Bablu face threats to life and family. Not once but two times.


Episode 7 is named Lions of Mirzapur. At the end of this episode, Rati Shankar Shukla calls himself and Guddu and Bablu the lions of Mirzapur. The reason for this is he has worked for Tripathis and got nothing from it. Guddu and Bablu are going on the same path and eventually will end up having nothing, according to Rati. Not only this, but we can also see Munna kidnapping Guddu and Balbu’s young sister Dimpy and trying to tease her. In another incident, Munna asks his friend, Compounder, to kill his father, Akhandanand Tripathi. But Compounder dies in the end.

Extended Plot

Inside the college ground, highly-strung Golu gives a speech for the Presidential election. Bablu is supporting Golu in the election and for this reason, he creates a pleasant environment for giving the speech. Munna’s rule is going on in the college thence his men attack students attending the speech. They start fighting and shooting. Enduring the fight, Bablu takes out his gone and is going to kill one of the men, eventually, Golu stops him.

Affected by sweety and Guddu’s relationship, Munna gets another reason to condemn Guddu and Bablu. Therefore, accompanied by several men, Munna kidnaps Dimpy, the sister of Bablu and Guddu. They are about to hurt Dimpy when Guddu and Bablu arrive.

Kalin Bhaiya calls them at his mansion. He tries to make Munna understand that whatever he has done is not appropriate and that he should respect women. However, his behavior becomes more inappropriate toward Dimpy, and he spills some bad words about her. These words add fuel to the fire consequently Kalin Bhaiya gives a tight slap on his face. Munna then tells him that whatever he has done is because of Guddu and Bablu as they stood up against him in the college presidential election and that Kaleen Bhiya should not forget, it also gives him profit.

Darkness has accompanied the city when Guddu and Bablu are making it to their home. While they are talking, some unknown men attack them and are in no mood to let Guddu and Bablu go without death. They are special cops sent by IG. However, neither Guddu and Bablu nor Akhandanand Tripathi know these men.

In another scene, Munna is talking to his best friend. Munna says that he is very much upset about the way his father slapped him in front of Guddu and Bablu.

Kalin Bhaiya asks Guddu and Bablu to go underground after the incident. At first, Guddu doesn’t agree with this, but ultimately he has to cooperate. The two brothers then go to the border of Bihar to verb conceal. Guddu forgot the medication so he went to Compounder’s home when he could not find Compounder at his clinic he takes the medication by himself and retreats from there.

Compounder is at the mansion of Akhandanand Tripathi. He is there to kill Kaleen Bhaiya and if his father Satyananda Tripathi has not arrived on time, he must get successful in his intention. Before Compounder can kill Akhandanand Tripathi, Satyanand Tripathis arrives and shoots him. Even after torturing him a lot, he doesn’t let his mouth spill the name of Munna. Because Compounder is Munna’s closest friend, Maqbool calls and asks him to ask Compounder why he wanted to kill Kaleen Bhaiya.

Compounder tells him a different story than reality. He tells him that he got to know that Kaleen Bhaiya is getting a huge profit out of business and he has kept the largest sum of money at his home, therefore he visited the place to stole some money. But before he could steal money, Kaleen Bhaiya arrived. In order to fulfill his desire, he had to kill him. This is what Compounder tells Munna. After this, Munna kills him.

Guddu and Bablu are underground now. But Guddu gets a feeling that he is kept in a cage. Therefore, he decides to work here and earn some money. Without taking approval from Bablu, he gets ready to meet clients.

At the end of the episode, they visit Jaunpur. Here, they meet Rati Shankar Shukla. Rati Shankar Shukla tries to convince them that Kalim Bhaiya is using them and this is in Tripathi’s DNA because they have used him as well.

Famous Dialogues


Dimag Hai Nhi To Uska Prayog Bhi Na Kariye. Akhandanand Tripathi says this line to Guddu.


Tum Chhote Wale Ho N, Shant Rho, Hum Bade Wale Se Batiye Rhe Hain, Baith Jao. Rati Shankar Shukla is the speaker.


Casts and Characters

Harshita Shekhar Gaur is playing the character of Dimpy Pandit.

Rajesh Tailang is playing the character of Ramakant Pandit.


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