Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 8: “Tandav”

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Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 8 is named Tandav. It was released on 16 November 2018 on Amazon Prime. This episode shows how the relationship between Guddu and Akhandanand Tripathi gets affected after the death of Rati Shakar Shukla and Compounder.


Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 8 presents different sides of the story concerning Guddu and Bablu. In one of the scenes, Guddu kills Rati Shankar Shukla because he was trying to convince Guddu to join him, and not only this he also abuses him. IG is after the transgenders who are involved with Guddu and Bablu in selling opium. Munna makes his father Akhandanand Tripathi believe that Guddu and Compounder conspire together to kill him. In between all this Guddu and Sweety tie the knot.

Extended Plot

The episode starts with Guddu and Bablu sitting on a bench and Rati Shankar Shukla sitting on a chair in front of a tea shop. They are in Jaunpur because according to Guddu, Rati is the one who attacked Guddu. While all of them are sitting in the middle of the city, Rati Shankar Shukla asks Guddu and Bablu to join him. When Guddu deny the offer, Rati started using abusive language. Listening to the abusive language of Rati, Guddu gets tempered and shot him dead right at that moment.

Guddu more frequently gets triggered by little things nowadays. It would be right to say that his mind is not in his control. This is all because of the medication the compounder gave him. He is now trapped in the habit of taking those medications regularly. He has also left taking any kind of liquid because of Mr. Purvanchal competition.

IG makes his first visit to the Akhandanand Tripathi mansion. While they are talking, Akhandanand Tripathi gets a phone call. He is informed that Guddu and Bablu have shot dead Shukla and they were not even guilty about the thing that they have done. Akhandaanad Tripathi handles the matter by saying that he ordered his men to kill Rati Shankar Shukla. However, he did not.

After this Akhandanand Tripathi summoned Guddu and Bablu to the factory. Akhandanand asks them the reason for killing Rati Shakar Shukla without his permission. This provoked Guddu. He says that they don’t need his permission all the time before doing anything. They are his employees, not servants. He continued and said, they are free to make some small decisions on their own. This made Akhandanand Tripathi angrier than before but he chose to not show it and asked them to leave. Here, Satyanand Tripathi arrives and advises Akhandanand Tripathi to not let these men slip out of control.

Guddu did all this without the evolution of Bablu. But the famous saying goes The mite also grinds with flour. The same is the condition of Bablu. He is highly frightened now by the incident. Not only this, but he is also thinking of leaving the job and for this reason, he talks to his father and asks him to advise him on whether his decision would be right or wrong.

The next day Sweety and Guddu tie the knot in the presence of their several relatives.

Mr. Purvanchal’s competition is going on in the city of Mirzapur, and Guddu is one of its participants. Looking at his performance, everyone was sure that he would win the competition, but things went poles apart. Akhandanand Tripathi is the prime guest of the competition, and he is already very angry with Guddu. Because of this reason, he asks the host of the event to not let Guddu win the competition.

When the result is announced, Guddu gets shocked to see that he has not acquired any position in the competition. It provokes him enough that he kills the man who won Mr. Purvanchal’s competition.

Munna makes a plan and he leaves the Componuder’s phone in his clinic. Maqbool searches the clinic and finds the same phone that Munna has left in the clinic. In the previous episode, Guddu called Compounder several times while he was about to go underground. He wanted to ask him for more medication but he didn’t answer. This left several missed calls on Compounder’s phone that led Akhandanand Tripathi to think that Guddu was also involved with Compounder.

At the end of the episode, Akhandanand Tripathi asks his son, Munna, to kill both the brothers Guddu and Bablu and gives his gun for this matter.

Famous Dialogues


Famous Dialogues of Mirzapur

Ab Hoga Tandav, Ab Mirzapur Pe Hum Raaj Karenge. Munna is the speaker here.


Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 8 - Famous Dialogues

Kya Hai Na Bhaiya Ji, Thik Lga, Decision Liya. Guddu is the speaker here.


Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 8 - Famous Dialogues

Matter Internal Hai, Internally Sulajh Jayega. Guddu is the speaker here.


Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 8 - Famous Memes

Chahe Sanp Ghar Me Ake Dosti Karle, Rehta To Jehrila Hi Hai N. Guddu is the speaker here.


Casts and Characters

Kulbhushan Kharbanda is playing the character of Satyanand Tripathi.

H.S is playing the character of Vermaji.

Shubhrajyoti Barat plays the character of Rati Shankar Shukla.


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