Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 9: “Yogya”

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Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 9 is named Yogya. This episode is the last episode of season 1 as a result it is filled with a lot of twists and turns. At the end of the episode, you will be left with some unanswered questions which will act as the base for the second season of Mirzapur.


There’s a lot of tragedy in the last episode. After taking orders from Akhandanand Tripathi, Munna goes to shoot Guddu and Bablu. In the midst of a wedding, Munna kills Bablu. Not just him Munna also kills Sweety even after knowing that she is pregnant. Heartless Munna kills Sweety but he could not kill Guddu. Apart from all this drama, there are other dramas in the last episode of Mirzapur season 1. For instance, a drama is going on inside Tripathi’s mansion, and another one in which the IG is searching for evidence against Akhandanand Tripathi. Let us do this in detail.

Extended Plot

The episode started with the victory of Golu in the presidential election. Munna is inside the doctor Randhir Singh’s cabin where Dr. Randhir Singh tells him that he lost the election. Munna seems to not get affected after listening to the news because he is on a mission to kill Guddu and Bablu. The work was assigned to him by his father Akhandanand Tripathi.

Munna asks Dr. Randhir Singh to call Golu as she has won the election and she must be there now. Dr. Randhir Singh calls Golu and from there he gets to know that Golu along with Guddu Bablu, Sweety, and Dimpy has gone to attend a wedding. Taking all his men and weapons, Munna goes in search of Guddu and Bablu. He calls his man and orders them to tell them the actual location of Guddu and Bablu.

Meanwhile, Guddu, Bablu, Sweety, Dimpy, and Golu arrive at the wedding ceremony of Shabnam who is the daughter of Lala, the opium seller. In the enormous hall, the ceremony was going quite well. Guddu after losing Mr. Purvanchal’s competition is heartbroken. Not just this, because of the medication which he was taking after the advice of Compounder and Munna, he starts having nausea. The medication showed an adverse effect on Munna. Munna is looking depressed and upset when his wife Sweety gives him the good news that she is going to be a mother. However, Guddu seems to not listen to her. This upsets Sweety and she soon joins everyone leaving Guddu in the room.

Everything is going well until Bablu sees a man who is looking at them from the moment they have arrived at the marriage. He soon has doubts about him and when everyone is busy doing something he captures the man and asks him about the point of the gun for whom he is working. This is the man who gave information about Guddu’s and Bablu’s location to Munna. But when Bablu asks him he doesn’t reply and tells him that he is just a guest here. Meanwhile, Munna arrives and messes up the whole marriage ceremony.

On the other hand, IG has captured Haseena and one another transgender. At first, they could not find anything from Haseena but when they were retreating IG found out that they have opium with them. IG takes them to the police station. There, he tortured him enough but they does not reveal the name of Akhandanand Tripathi. While all these things are going on Gupta calls Akhandanand Tripathi and tells him what he has just seen. This makes Akhandanand Tripathi call Maqbool and order him that they need to take action because there is no fear left inside the people of Mirzapur for him.

Satyanand Tripathi gets to know the relationship between Bina Tripathi and the servant. In order to punish her, he blackmailed her into having a physical relationship with him. In the end, Bina takes out a gun from the drawer but the reason why she does this has not been revealed and it must have been kept for season 2.

In the wedding hall, Munna frightens everybody. He shoots Guddu on his hand and leg. Because of the pain, Guddu is going through, he could not save his wife Sweety. Sweety begs that she is pregnant but he still kills her by shooting her in the stomach. Sweety dies immediately. Munna kills Bablu by shooting him in the head. Only Guddu, Golu, and Dimpy are left.

To lighten the mood, Munna turns on the music meanwhile Golu takes a gun and shoots at the man who has pointed the gun at Shabnam. After this, a massive gunfight breaks out in the marriage hall. This leads people who are captured inside the wedding hall to retreat from there. In between all these, we can see Guddu, Golu, and Dimpy are also retreating from the hall while Munna is captured inside the hall. The episode ends here so does the season.

There is a lot of mystery for season 2, for instance, why did Bina take out the gun, and what happened to Munna? who is inside the marriage hall? and what about the IG and Akhandanand relation? Will IG get successful in collecting evidence against Akhandanand? We will get the answer to all these questions, probably in the next season.

Famous Dialogues


Logo Me Darr Khatam Ho Raha Hai, Thoda Badhana Padega. Akhandanand Tripathi is the speaker here.


Bahut Der Se Dekh Rahe Hain, Chumbak Ki Tarah Chipke Hue Ho. Bablu is the speaker.


Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 9 - Famous Dialogues

Mahul Kafi Bhari Ho Gya Hai, Guru!Munna is the speaker here.


Thoda Rest Kar Lijiye Warna Rest In Peace Hojayenge. Munna is the speaker here


Mirzapur Season 1 Episode 9 - Famous Dialogues

Bahut Takleef Hoti Hai Jab Aap Yogya Ho Aur Log Aap Ki Yogyata Ko Na Pehchane. Munna is the speaker here.

Casts and Characters

Shernavaz Jijina is playing the character of Shabnam.

Praveen Tiwari is playing the character of IG


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