Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 10 (King Of Mirzapur)

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The tenth episode of Mirzapur (Season 2 Episode 10) is entitled King of Mirzapur. This episode was released on 23 October 2020 and is 1 hour and 5 minutes long. The time has arrived, Guddu and Golu are going to finish Tripathis forever.


Beena confronts what happens with the ladies inside the four walls of Tripathi’s Mansion and what has happened with her. She takes out all her frustration which she is hiding from the very first day Stayanand Tripathi has touched her and kills Satyanand Tripathi. The time has arrived, everyone in Tripathis is weak at this time because of Satyanand’s death. Capturing this golden chance, Golu, and Guddu venture out to kill Tripathis. In Bihar, Dadda Tyagi gets to know that it is his son Shatrughan who is selling opium in Bihar under his nose. After which, Bharat and Shatrughan are pointing their guns at each other’s heads.

Extended Plot

Affected by what Akhandanand Tripathi has said that he can feel the feeling of losing his parents, Maqbool visits Tripathi’s mansion where Satyanand Tripathi is watching TV. He is about to take something from the chair when Maqbool fires a gun in his hand. After which his hand gets injured. Immediately blood starts coming out of his hand. Maqbool says that Akhandanand Tripathi will never know the feeling of losing parents until he loses his own.

When he is about to shoot Satyananda Tripathi, Bina arrives and stops Maqbool from shooting him because she wants to kill him with her own hands. Satyanand Tripathi says he does not want to get killed with a woman’s hand and asks Maqbool to shoot him before she could kill him. But Maqbool takes a seat and leaves the way for Beena to kill Satyanand Tripathi. She grabs a gun and as she is about to shoot him, the female servant of the home, Radhiya arrives. Satyanand Tripathi has also forced her to go intimate with him. She handles Beena a dagger to kill Satyanand Tripathi. After which without hesitation, Beena Tripathi kills Satyanand Tripathis.

For a death like this, Akhandanand Tripathi has to arrange for the cremation of his father in a place hidden from everyone. Munna arrivals and blames Maqbool for killing his grandfather but Akhandanand Tripathi says that he has not killed Bauji but Munnas has killed. Till now nobody knows Beena has killed Bauji. Munna gets frustrated with this and takes out all his frustration on Akhandanand Tripathi. He says that he is hungry for the Throne of Mirzapur for so many years but never received a chance to rule over it but now he doesn’t need anyone’s permission and he is going to rule over it.

He goes away from there in a bad mood. Seeing his bad mood, Beena calls the servant and tells him to take care of the child. Because he is the father of the child, he is ready to die for him. When Munna comes out after taking a bath, he grabs a gun and shoots on Munna but every time he misses the shot. In the end, Munna catches the man and asks the name of the person who has sent him to kill him. The servant takes the name of Akhandanand Tripathi. Munna gets nasty and calls Sharad and tells him everything about how his father has sent a servant to kill him and asks him to visit the place of cremation.

Beena Tripathi has already called Guddu and reminds him of his promise to hand the Throne of Mirzapur to her son when he gets young. She also says that everyone in the family is sad and weak too so it’s the perfect time to finish them. Guddu was talking to Shabnam when he received a call from Beena. He was talking about spending life with Shabnam but because of his work, he could not do this. After the call, he calls Golu and tells him that the time has arrived. When Guddu is going for his aim, Maurya with some police officers has arrived inside Lala’s mansion. After showing him the arrest warrant, he arrests Lala but before he could arrest Guddu, Guddu points his gun at Maurya and asks everyone to throw away their guns. One of the police officers brought Shabnam and the child with him, pointing his son at them.

Maurya says he will count for 2 seconds and if he does not throw away his gone, he will kill Shabnam and the child. After listening to this Munna surrenders himself. Maurya asks Ravikant Pandey to come in another van. When they are going, Maurya turns his police van on a different road. Ravikant Pandey gets doubt on him. He follows him and finds that Maurya is about to encounter his child. When he could not stop Maurya, he shot at him before Maurya could shoot his son.

In Bihar, Dadda Tyagi gets to know that his son is doing opium business despite the fact that he has told him to not do it. Inside his work area, Dadda Tyagi, Bharat, Shatrughan, and Raghu have gathered. Dadda Tyagi asks Shatrughan to call Golu and ask her to come in here and if she asks for the pardon, he will not say a single word to him. He calls Golu and asks him to come but Golu says she is going for some important work and she can not arrive there now. After some communication, a fight breaks out between the people present in the place. At the end of the fight, Raghu and Shatrughan face death. But in the post-credit scene, we get to know that it is not Shatrughan who has died but Bharat. Shatrughan is pretending that the younger one got killed.

Sharad calls Akhandanand Tripathi and makes him aware that Munna is coming to kill him and so he is ready to face it with people. But Akhandanand Tripathi sends all his men home and is sitting alone when Munna arrives. Munna wants to kill his father but his finger does not allow it, so he stops. When Akhand Anand Tripathi asks him the reason why he doesn’t shoot him. To this Munna asks if he has ever thought of killing him. Akhandanand Tripathi says a father can never think of killing his own son even in a dream. He then gives him permission to rule over Mirzapur.

When they are hugging, Guddu and Golu arrive and start shooting at them. In the end Guddu and Golu kill Munna. When Guddu is about to kill Akhandanand Tripathi, Sharad’s men distract him, meanwhile, Sharad saves Akhandanand Tripathi and brings him into his car. At the end of season 2, We see Guddu sitting on the king of Mirzapur’s seat.

Famous Dialogues

Sar Se Saya Uthne Ka Dard, Sar Se Saya Uthne Ke Baad Pta Chalega Kaleen Bhaiya Ko. Maqbool is the speaker.

Maqbool Maroge To Tum Hi Maroge, Aurat Ke Hath Se Hum Nhi Marenge. Satyanand Tripathi is the speaker.

Pura Adhikar Hai Inko Humare Matter Me Bolne Ka, Family Hain Ye. Munna is the speaker here.

Bachpan Se Jo Uddeshya Leke Chale Hain Tumahre Aa Jane Se Wo Change Nhi Hoga. Munna is the speaker here.

Baap Kabhi Beton Ko Maarne Ka Nhi Sochte Munna. Akhananand Tripathi is the speaker.

Casts and Characters

Ali Fazal is playing the character of Guddu Tripathi

Divyendu Sharma is playing the character of Munna Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi is playing the character of Akhanadanand Tripathi

Shaji Chaudhary is playing the character of Maqbool

Harshit Kaur is playing the character of Dimpy

Rajesh Tailang is playing the character of Ramakant

Sheeba Chaddha is playing the character of Vasudha

Anjum Sharma is playing the character of Sharad Shukla

Kulbhushan Kharbanda is playing the character of Satyanand Tripathi

Shweta Tripathi is playing the character of Golu Gupta

Pramod Pathak is playing the character of JP Yadav

Meghna Malik is playing the character of Shakuntala Shukla

Shernavaz Jijina is playing the character of Shabnam



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