Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 2 (Khargosh)

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Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 2 (Khargosh)

The second episode of Mirzapur (Season 2 Episode 2) is named Khargosh. Unaware if Guddu and Golu are alive, Akhandanand Tripathi unites with CM backstabbing Yadav. After sending Dimpy for higher education in Lucknow, Guddu and Golu have their eyes on ruling Mirzapur.


Munna Tripathi negotiates with Sharad regarding ruling over Jaunpur after Rati Shankar Shukla’s death. Sharad gets ready to work under him but this is his plan. On the other hand, Akhandanand Tripathi praises Munna for the deal he made with Shukla. Irritated by Yadav’s repetitive behavior of teasing, Akhandanand Tripathi directly contacts CM. Golu, Guddu, and Dimpy return to Mirzapur for the sake of meeting their families. After sending Dimpy to Lucknow, Guddun and Golu are looking forward to revenge on Tripathi’s and rule over Mirzapur.

Extended Plot

The episode starts at Sharad’s house where some sort of religious ritual is going on concerning the death of his father. Yusuf, whose son died during the wedding, also arrives here. He wants to take revenge on Munna for killing his son and Sharad intends to rule over Mirzapur. Aware of this, Yusuf negotiates with Sharad to bring Munna and in return, he will help him acquire Mirzapur. Sharad does not seem much impressed with this, so he asks him to not return without having food.

In between the rituals, Munna arrives with several men to talk directly with Sharad about acquiring Jaipur. He is ready to shed the blood of the people present there but will not return without Jaunpur. It gets a little weird for Munna when Sharad, after thinking for a while, says he is ready to work under him. To show his loyalty, Sharad takes Munna to the place where Yusuf is having food peacefully. On seeing Munna, Yusuf takes out his gun to shoot him but at that exact moment, the man who is standing behind him shoots him. However, working under Tripathis was Sharad’s plan or the first step toward acquiring Mirzapur.

Filled with happiness and joy, this seems a great achievement for Munna as he did something beneficial without using force and power. For the first time in Munna’s entire life, Akhandanand shows how proud he is of him. Here, Satyanand Tripathis and Akhandanand Tripathi Talk about Yadav’s irritating behavior over small things. Akhandanand Tripathi says how shamelessly he wants to arrest Munna. Akhandanand Tripathis adds that he no longer wants to deal with him and for that, he will deal directly with the Chief Minister.

Akhandanand Tripathi, Munna, Maqbool, and Lalit arrive at the CM office without an appointment. Akhandanand Tripathi talks about his decision of breaking the deal with Yadav. He says that instead of dealing with Yadav he wants to deal with the CM directly. He says he will take full responsibility for whatever happens in Mirzapur and will work toward decreasing corruption during the time of the election. He adds that his son Munna is a youth icon and indulges in several social activities and with the help of him, he will gain more voters. To save his son from arrest, he orders Muqbool to kill Lalit. Maqbool and Lalit were sitting side by side. He starts running when he knows that he was brought to Lucknow for Tripathi’s benefit. But before he could run away, Muqbool grabs him and squeezes his neck as a result he loses his breath and blood starts overflowing from his mouth. The CM is impressed with this and shakes hands with Akhandanand Tripathi.

The doctor who is treating Guddu for so many days brings him, Golu, and Dimpy to his house to spend one night. His wife is certainly a helpful lady who treats all three of them as her guests despite knowing how badly they treated her husband. Guddu’s loyal friend and companion Babur arrives with bullets, guns, and a phone for Guddu. Golu asks him to help her learn the tactics of using a gun. The next morning, he helps Golu and Dimpy learn guns but Dimpy gets scared and runs to sit in the vehicle in which Guddu is already sitting.

Guddu comes out of the vehicle and walks to Golu. Standing behind her, he helps her shoot the tree fearlessly. From here, they visit their next destination which is their house in Mirzapur. Guddu’s parents are very happy after seeing their child. But their happiness doesn’t last long when Guddu makes them aware of how much in danger they are. He says he has not returned. They are sending Dimpy for higher studies in Lucknow and it was her wish to visit the house before going to Lucknow. The word breaks their heart. Ramakant Pandit gets angry and asks him to only return to the house when he wants to surrender. On this, Guddu says that day will not come because he is now amazing to rule over Mirzapur.

Golu visits her house. She gets emotional on seeing her father crying but she does not cry. In fact, she has not shed a single tear since the day her sister died. She is also looking forward to ruling over Mirzapur.

Famous Dialogue


Jab Qurbani Dene Ka Time Aye To, Qurbani Sipahi Ki Di Jati Hai, Raja Aur Rajkumar To Zinda Rehte Hain, Gaddi Pe Baithne Ke Liye. Munna is the speaker here.


Aurat Chahe Chambal Ki Ho Ya Purvanchal Ki, Ab Agar Gun Uthayi Hai, To Matlab Dikkat Me Hai. The doctor’s wife is the speaker.

Aap Hum Ko Ghar Ki Ownership Samjha Rahe Hain, Hume Ye Shaher Lena Hai. Guddu is the speaker here.

Aap Hi Ka Mann Tha Na, Ki Aap Ki Beti Mirzapur Par Raaj Kre, Badi Na Sahi, Chhoti Karegi.

Casts and Characters

Shahnawaz Pradhan is playing the character of Parshuram Gupta

Suniil Raghuvansh is playing the character of Yusuf

Brahma Swaroop Mishra is playing the character of Lalit

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