Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 3 (Viklaang Quota) 

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The third episode of Mirzapur (Season 2 Episode 3) is entitled Viklaang Quota. This episode was released on 23 October 2020 and is about 39 minutes long. It presents different sides of the story. Not just this, Guddu’s plan to end Tripathis and rule over Mirzapur takes off from here.


Beena is pregnant and she no longer has to satisfy Satyanand Tripathi’s urges. However, it is not clear whose child is in her belly. Guddu, whom we have seen struggling with pain in previous episodes, has joined Lala as an opium seller. Golu is learning business ideas. A new character has been introduced in this episode which is Robin. He deals with investors. With his help, Golu sells the property which he has bought in the previous season. With the obtained money, Guddu buys opium from Lala, and in his presence, he calls some men from different states to bid on it.

Extended Plot

Akhand Anand Tripathi and Maqbool visit a sexologist. Akhandanand Tripathi feels ashamed about saying his problem to the doctor, so he asks for the medicine saying it is for Maqbool. But the doctor seems intelligent as he immediately understands who has a problem. Hence, he gives the medication to Akhandanand Tripathi. However, Akhandanand Tripathis have to go under some kind of test after which they will get to know about the problem in depth.

Babar is involved with Guddu in accomplishing his desire. Guddu, Babar, Dimpy, and Golu visit the Lala mansion in Ballia. At first, when Guddu asks one of the security guards to meet Lala, he denies it. Dimpy, who is the friend of Lala’s daughter Shabnam, is allowed to go inside the mansion. Shabnam seems very angry with Dimpy but after seeing the scars on her face, she gets filled with empathy and hugs her. They talk for a little while after which Dimpy asks Shabnam to make her brother meet her father.

Lala and Guddu are talking inside a hall while Golu, Shabnam, and Dimpy are sitting on a sofa and talking. After some negotiation Lala gets ready to land his men and money to Guddu for taking revenge on Munna. But he puts a condition that he will not engage in the fight directly. For Guddu, it is a little help but it is enough.

Inside the Tripathi mansion, Beena after doing a pregnancy test finds that she is pregnant. But it is unknown till this episode whose child is in her belly. This is because at first, she tells Akhandanand Tripathi that it is his child and later tells Satyanand Tripathi that the child is his.

Guddu, Dimpy, and Golu arrive in Lucknow regarding the admission of Dimpy. Here, Guddu meets with a man (Robin) who deals with transactions and investing. When Guddu and Robin talk for a while, he gets to know that man can sell anything within a limited period. Guddu asks him to sell a home that is registered in his parent’s name. He receives 35 lakhs after sailing the flat and using that money he calls some of the opium sellers from different states. These opium sellers used to buy opium from Akhandanand Tripathi but seeing their profit in buying the drugs from Lala and Guddu as a middleman, they got ready.

The meeting with these people takes place outside the Baliya region and Munna is already after Lala because he knows that Lala gets involved with Guddu. Taking the golden chance, Munna’s men find out their location. These men entered the house. Golu sees a man who is about to turn off the main switch and shoots him. One of the men is about to kill Lala but before he could do so Guddu arrives. In the light of the bulb, the man gets to see the face of Guddu and he is shocked to learn that Guddu is alive. He starts running from there but before he could run away, Guddu arrives and kills him.

After the fight, Guddu packs his teeth in a box and parcels them to Tripathi’s factory. Munna opens the box. He and Akhandanand Tripathis get astonished to know that Guddu is alive. In between all these, Beena gets the report in which it is written that Akhandanand Tripathi can never be a father.

Famous Dialogues

Tum Ghar Me To Ho, Hum To Bhag Hi Rhe Hain Bhaiya Ke Sath. Shabnam is the speaker.

Paisa Humara, Wyapar Humara, Aur Badla Apka. Bda Hi Ek Tarfa Rishta Hua, Barabar Ka hoga To Dekhenge. Lala is the speaker

Casts and Characters

Meghna Malik is playing the character of Shakuntla Shukla

Brahma Swaroop Mishra is playing the role of Lalit

Shernavaz Jijina is playing the character of Shabnam

Priyanshu Painyuli is playing the character of Robin


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