Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 4 (Bhaymukt)

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Episode four of Mirzapur (Season 2 Episode 4) is named Bhaymukt. This episode was released on 23 October 2020 and has a running time of 58 minutes. For the first time after the incident took place inside a marriage hall, Guddu and Munna come face to face.


Beena after taking permission from Satyanand Tripathi calls the ex servant of the house, Raja with whom she had sexual intercourse in the first season. From here, it is also clear that the child in her belly is not of Tripathis but of this servant who belongs to a lower caste. Munna is malicious after knowing that Guddu is alive and joined Lala. With the help of Sharad’s plan, he and Sharad visit the pub where Guddu deals with people who come to order drugs for dealing. Through the assistance of Robin, Golu meets a man with whom she could increase the drug business.

Extended Plot

The episode starts with Munna and Akhandanand Tripathi sitting inside a room in the factory. After knowing that Guddu is alive, Munna realizes his pledge to kill Guddu but Akhandanand Tripathi stops him and forbids him from doing any kind of stuff that would disturb the peace of the city and says it’s not the right time to do anything with Guddu because it appears like he has made an alliance with Lala. He then orders Munna to focus all his concentration on the youth canvassing which he is doing with Chief Minister’s daughter Madhuri Yadav. In the rally, Madhuri compares UP with Bihar and Madhya Pradesh for the upcoming election in terms of crime rate.

Inside Tripathi’s mansion, Bina persuades Satyanand Tripathi to call back Raja (ex-servant) giving the reason that he has helped her in doing chores effectively. Raja and Beena are sitting inside a room and talking. Raja looks sad and is frightened after the incident that took place with him in season 1. Beena tells him that her reason for calling him is that she is pregnant with his child. After listening to this, Raja gets ready to take care of his child by living inside the mansion.

Guddu and Golu are inside the Lala mansion. Dimpy has given Bablu’s personal diary to Golu when they were in Lucknow. Holding his diary, Golu starts remembering Bablu. While Guddu is remembering Dimpy. For the first time, they cry together after the death of Bablu and Dimpy.

Akhandanand Tripathi gets to know that some of the opium dealers instead of buying opium from him are buying directly from Lala. This made him nasty and as a result, he called all the men inside his mansion. During the meeting, one of the men starts arguing with Akhandanand Tripathi after which Munna shoots him. When Munna is about to shoot another one, Sharad stops him and says instead of killing these men, they should earn profit from them. After a deal, everyone gets ready.

Inside a bar, Sharad meets Munna. They are drinking wine while Sharad asks if Guddu is alive and then why he has not killed him yet. To this Munna says that Akhandanand Tripathi has not given him permission to do this before the election. After a great deal of communication, Sharad and Munna make a plan to kill Guddu. For this, Sharad meets the man whom he has saved and asks him to take him to Guddu as an opium buyer.

Sharad visits the place which is basically a pub with the man. Babar greets them and checks carefully if they have any kind of weapon with them or not. When he could not find any, he takes Sharad with him inside the room where Guddu is sitting. After some communication, Guddu gives a packet of opium to Sharad to taste and tell if it is right or not. Sharad hesitatingly tastes the opium because he has never tasted it before, so he doesn’t know its taste. Therefore, he gives a thumbs up to it. After this, Guddu discloses that the substance which he has tasted just now is not opium.

After knowing the man is not an opium buyer but Sharad, son of Rati Shankar Shukla, a major fight breaks out between him and Guddu. On the other side, Munna is searching for Sharad and after receiving a sign, he enters the room. Munna and Sharad are on one side and Guddu is on another side. A fight breaks out between them and in the end, fearing what will happen if they get caught, Munna and Sharad run away from there.

Famous Dialogue

Jalwa Hai Humara Yahan. Munna is the speaker.

Pichhle Panch Salon Me UP Ka Crime Rate, MP Aur Bihar Se Niche AA Gya Hai. Madhuri is the Speaker.

Tulna Usi Se Ki Jati Hai Jo Kamjor Ho Tabhi To Hum Better Dikhenge. Madhuri is the speaker.

Bina Karan Nhi Baat Karte Hain Hum. Golu is the speaker.

Casts and Characters

Shernavaz Jijina is playing the character of Shabnam

Anil George is playing the character of Lala

Vijay Verma is playing the character of Shatrughan


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