Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 5 (Langda)

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The fifth episode of Mirzapur (Season 2 Episode 5) is entitled Langda. This episode was released on 23 October 2022 and is 51 minutes long. With the help of Bablu’s personal diary, Golu is learning secrets of Tripathis which she uses against them.


Akhandanand Tripathi scolds Munna and Sharad for the foolish step they took and went to kill Guddu without his consent. Golu is searching for a big party that can distribute the drugs on a larger scale. She asks Robin to fix her meeting with Shatrughan concerning this. Guddu is more energetic than before after the fight and is working with double speed to weed out Akhandanand business from the city. Guddu and Golu are living inside Lala’s mansion and Shabnam is falling in love with Guddu. With the help of Bablu’s diary, Golu learns that the roots of Tripathis are not strong. It gets confirmed when Beena Tripathis comes out as the enemy of Tripathis.

Extended Plot

Guddu and Golu are in search of a big party that can spread their business on a large scale. After meeting several parties, Golu asks Robin to fix her meeting with Shatrughan whom she met when she first visited Robbin’s office. Munna and Sharad got brutally beaten by Guddu. They returned home where Akhandanand Tripathi is scolding them for their foolishness. Munna frantically asks Akhandanand Tripathi why he has not killed Guddu yet. He adds that he doesn’t want another Rati Shankar Shukla. After listening to which Sharad gets a little uncomfortable but he chooses to not show it. After a deal of communication, Akhandanand Tripathi orders Munna to stay away from the Guddu’s matter for now and focus on the rally with CM’s daughter Madhuri. But forbids him from going closer to Madhuri.

Despite her father’s order, on the night of the second rally, Munna and Madhavi get intimate. Inside the Lala’s mansion, Shabnam is falling in love with Guddu. She starts taking care of him and helps him in doing exercise. Golu seems to not like all this and she teases Guddu for talking to Shabnam all the time.

Dadda Tyagi is a businessman who deals in guns, alcohol, and other illegal things except for opium. Dadda Tyagi is a short man who has control over everything that is entering and going out of the border of Bihar. He has twins, Bharat (Bade) and Shatrughan (Chhote). Shatrughan hijacks Tripathi’s truck filled with guns while it enters the border of Bihar. After knowing that Tyagis is a big name in Up and Bihar, Akhandanand Tripathi sends his son Munna and Sharad to deal with him. Dadda Tyagi gets ready to do business with Akhand Anand Tripathi on a large scale.

Munna is pleased with the deal and in overconfidence starts boasting about how easy the deal was and comments on Tyagi’s height. While he is saying all these, Akhandanand Tripathi from somewhere gets to know that Munna has slept with Madhuri even though he has forbidden him from doing this. While Akhandanand Tripathi scolds Munna, Satyanand Tripathi speaks in favor of him and says that there is no need to worry about it because Munna is a Tripathi and he has every right to do it. Apart from this, he also gives an idea to tie his knot with CM’s daughter, Madhuri. When Akhandanand Tripathi talks about their lower caste, Satyanand Tripathi convinces him that business works better when it gets interlinked with marriage. However, Munna is against this marriage.

Guddu and Golu are in Lucknow. Beena’s hometown is also in Lucknow and she has arrived here for some months. She calls Golu and asks her to meet. During the meeting, Beena shares her deepest secrets with Golu about Tripathis. From here we get to know that Beena Tripathi is not with Tripathis by going against them. The reason for this is that she is pregnant but the child is not of Tripathis.

After one day, Golu brings Guddu to meet Beena Tripathi at her home. Here, Beena informs them that Akhandanand Tripathi is not in Mirzapur and the security inside the factory is not tight. She adds that Akhandanand Tripathi has arrived in Lucknow with his son for the last rally.

Famous Dialogue

Bihar Me Aapka Swagat Hai. Shatrughan is the speaker.

Bahut Maza Hai, Golu. Bahut Mja Aya Jab Uska Gla Dabe. Bahut Powerful Hone Ki Feeling Ayi Humko. Guddu is the speaker.

Dushman Ko Agar Time Rehte Niptaya Naa Jaye Na Papa, To Age Chalke Bawaseer Ban Jata Hai. Munna is the speaker.

Casts and Characters

Liliput is playing the character of Dadda Tyagi

Vijay Verma is playing the character of Bharat Tyagi


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