Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 6 (Ankush)

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The sixth episode of Mirzapur ( Season 2 Episode 6) is entitled Ankush. This episode was released on 23 October 2020 and is 53 minutes long. Guddu and Golu destroy Akhandanand’s factory after which a strong political alliance takes place.


Guddu and Golu after knowing that Akhandanand Tripathi has gone to attend a rally in Lucknow demolish the Akhandanand’s factory. Thinking about the advice that his father has given him, Akhandanand Tripathi convinces Munna to marry Chief Minister’s daughter Madhuri. Ravikant Pandey gets to know that not only he but IG Maurya is also after the clues against Tripathis. Ravikant Tripathi and Maurya start working together. CM gets ready to marry his daughter to Munna after which, the party wins the election with a tremendous number.

Extended Plot

After knowing that Akhandanand Tripathi is in Lucknow and there’s no security inside the gun factory in Mirzapur, Guddu and Golu visit the factory and shoot all the security men and ignite the factory. The factory starts burning immediately. Akhandanand Tripathi along with Munna and Sharad arrives, and they find that everything has burned including security guards. It is clear from the way the factory is burned that Akhandanand Tripathi faces a great loss. Munna says that Guddu has done all this but Akhandanand Tripathi says something else. He says that there is someone inside his group who knows everything and is providing information to Guddu.

At the same time, Akhandanand Tripathi gets a phone call from the CM asking about the factory’s condition.

After thinking something, Akhandanand Tripathi talks to Munna inside the mansion. He instructs him to marry Madhuri. Munna is already baffled over his father who controls his life and this decision adds extra frustration. After some son and father communication, Munna gets ready.

The very next day, Akhandanand Tripathi and Munna visit the CM’s house. Akhandanand Tripathi tells the CM that Munna and Madhuri had been very close and for this reason, he wants to marry them. Madhuri is a widow. She lost her husband two years back and since then she has been wearing a white saree on a daily basis.

CM asks Madhuri if she is ready for the marriage or not, she after knowing that Munna has said yes to the marriage, gets ready to marry Munna.

The very next day Munna and Madhuri marry together. Madhuri faces a shocking truth on the first night of her marriage. She finds that Munna is not interested in the marriage and ties the knot just because of family pressure.

Golu meets Shatrughan who fixes her meeting with Dadda Tyagi. Guddu and Golu visit the field where the agriculture of opium is going on. Here, Guddu calls J.P Yadav and asks him to provide him with the field and in return, he will give 20% of the profit in cash. Yadav gets ready. Golu and Guddu visit Dadda Tyagi. Guddu informs him that they are there for doing opium business with him. To this, Dadda says that they can not do this business because when his mother was pregnant, she and his father used to take drugs and of this, he was born half. He adds that he could do any business but drugs. Guddu and Golu return from there, Shabnam proposes to Guddu but he advises her to stay away from him as whoever comes closer to him loses his life.

When Dimpy refuses to be the witness to the incident, Ravikant Pandey visits the last witness who is Imran Khan. He is an old man for whom Munna used abusive language on the night when Munna killed Bablu and Sweety. To take revenge on him, he is ready to be the witness. Here, Ravikant Pandey meets Maurya who is only pretending to be on Tripathi’s side. He is only there to collect evidence against Tripathis. Ravikant Pandey and IG Maurya join hands and are now after crimes together.

To celebrate the family relationship, CM adds Akhandanand to his political party and gives him a position in the cabinet.

Famous Dialogues

Bauji Pagla Gaye Hain, Unka Dimag Unke Ghutno Me Hai Aur Unke Ghutne Kaam Karte Nahi Hain. Munna is the speaker.

Hath Ke Sath Hathiyar Bhi Kaat Denge. Madhuri is the speaker here.

Casts and Characters

Ali Fazal is playing the character of Guddu Tripathi

Divyendu Sharma is playing the character of Munna Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi is playing the character of Akhanadanand Tripathi

Vijay Verma is playing the character of Shatrughan Tyagi

Liliput is playing the character of Dadda Tyagi

Vijay Verma is playing the character of Bharat Tyagi

Shrikant Verma is playing the character of Raghu


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