Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 8 (Chauchak)

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Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 8 (Chauchak)

The eighth episode of Mirzapur (Season 2 Episode 8) is named Chauchak. This episode was released on 23 October 2022 and is about 53 minutes long. After the Chief Minister’s death, Akhandanand Tripathi faces a great loss.


The Chief Minister faces death after the accident. IG Maurya captures the man who is behind murdering the CM. After the investigation, he gets to know that Rati Shankar Shukla has sent this man to kill Chief Minister but because the man is deaf and dumb he could not do anything about it. However, he meets Sharad and asks him to join him in fighting against Akhandanand Tripathi because they share a common goal. Guddu gets emotionally broken after a personal loss. He now has the responsibility of a girl. When no one gets ready to take care of her, Shabnam comes forward and takes her full responsibility. However, Guddu feels a little bit upset with this as he thinks she is coming in between him and his goal.

Extended Plot

In the previous episode, we saw the Chief Minister face a serious accident. The scene continued in this episode where we get to see that he dies inside the hospital. Everyone seems to be sad including Akhandanand Tripathi over CM’s death excluding his brother J.P Yadav. He looks happy and makes himself ready to take over his brother.

Inside the hospital, Akhandanand Tripathi and JP Yadav are talking. JP Yadav says that he has everyone’s support, and after his brother’s death it is confirmed that he is going to be the next CM. He then says that the sudden death of the CM must be disheartening for him as he was his relation. To this, Akhandanand Tripathi says that he had no relation with him and he was only benefiting from him. His sudden death is a great loss for him.

IG Maurya captures the man who has killed the Chief Minister but even after going through a series of tortures, he does not utter a single word. Meanwhile, Maurya gets to know that the man who sent this man to kill the CM is from Jaunpur. After thinking for a while, he remembers that Sharad is also from Jaunpur. Now he is sure that Sharad has sent this man to kill the CM but he does not know that JP Yadav has told Sharad to kill his brother. Maurya, after knowing that Sharad is also after Akhandanand Tripathi, asks him to meet him at his home.

Sharad and Maurya meet inside Maura’s house. Maurya says if they are going on the same path then why should not join hands. To this, Sharad says that having the same path does not mean they have the same goal. Mauryas asks what he tells the government that you have sent a man to kill the CM. To this, Sharad says that the man is deaf and dumb and how is he going to prove without the evidence.

Zarina brings three girls with him inside J.P Yadav’s house for the night. Unaware of JP Yadav, Zarina starts making his video with the girls. The personal assistant of the CM comes to meet Madhuri inside the Tripathi mansion. He shares everything with her from how CM works, how her father was so obedient and honest, how her uncle is betraying everybody, and how he is misusing his powers. He tells her that he does not deserve the CM chair. At the dining table, Satyanand Tripathi and Akhandanand Tripathi are talking about J.P Yadav politics. Soon Madhuri joins them and she says to Akhandanand Tripathi that the game is still in their favor and they still have time to change the coin.

The next day, JP Yadav is hearing people’s problems in the presence of the media and party members. Zareena is also present there. One of the girls from the row comes to JP Yadav for talking about sexual harassment which has been done to her the previous night. When JP Yadav asks the name of the person, she takes her name. JP Yadav gets shocked and says that all these allegations are wrong. He asks Zareena to confirm what he is saying. Zarina goes against him and says she is too facing sexual harassment from him for so many years and now when other girls are talking about this, she got the strength to talk about it. This made JP Yadav leave the position of CM.

At the end of the episode, in an SUV, Akhandanand Tripathi, CM’s personal assistant, and Zarina are sitting. Zarina says that she wants the thing that they have dealt for, respect, and a position in the party.

Guddu is struggling to give the responsibility to the child whose parents have died because of him. Guddu is finding someone trustworthy to take care of the girl. He asks his mother to take care of the girl but she says she would only take care of the child when he gets ready to surrender. He could not agree. Guddu gets astonished when Shabnam gets ready to take care of the girl. But all these are giving him frustration as he thinks that this will distract him from achieving his aim.

Famous Dialogues

Agar Humara Dushman Same Hai, Iska Matlab Ye To Nahi Ki Hum Dost Ho Jaye. Sharad is the speaker.

Sabse Zyada Bejjati Middle Class Ki Hi Hoti Hai. Madhuri is the speaker.

Hindi Bhasha Se Na Humari Tuning Bahut Purani Hai. Guddu is the speaker.

Jo Humare Liye Khada Hoga, Wahi Baliya Me Bada Hoga, Warna Murda Pda Hoga. Guddu is the speaker.

Casts and Characters

Ali Fazal is playing the character of Guddu Tripathi

Divyendu Sharma is playing the character of Munna Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi is playing the character of Akhanadanand Tripathi

Shahnawaz Pradhan is playing the character of Parshuram Gupta

Harshit Kaur is playing the character of Dimpy Pandit

Rajesh Tailang is playing the character of Ramakant Pandit

Sheeba Chaddha is playing the character of Vasudha Pandit

Anjum Sharma is playing the character of Sharad Shukla

Kulbhushan Kharbanda is playing the character of Satyanand Tripathi

Shweta Tripathi is playing the character of Golu Gupta

Pramod Pathak is playing the character of JP Yadav

Aasif Khan is playing the character of Babar

Meghna Malik is playing the character of Shakuntala Shukla

Shernavaz Jijina is playing the character of Shabnam

Anil George is playing the character of Lala

Priyanshu Painyuli is playing the character of Robin

Vijay Verma is playing the character of Shatrughan Tyagi

Liliput is playing the character of Dadda Tyagi

Vijay Verma is playing the character of Bharat Tyagi

Shrikant Verma is playing the character of Raghu

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