Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 9 (Butterscotch)

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The ninth episode of Mirzapur (Season 2 Episode 9) is entitled Butterscotch. This episode was released on 23 October 2020 and has a running time of 57 minutes. Maurya gets permission from IG to encounter Guddu without Ravikant Pandey’s consent.


Beena gives birth to a baby boy but she is very afraid for his safety. She does not let anyone see him closely as he has features like his father, who is a servant of the house. She is protecting her child, especially from Munna as she thinks that he could kill him of greed. Ravikant Pandey asks Robin to give him every little detail about the Guddu transaction and investments using which he and Maurya meet the IG. When Ravikant Pandey has gone, Maurya asks for permission to encounter Guddu Pandey. After which it would be easier to arrest Akhandanand Tripathi and Munna Tripathi. Apart from all this, Madhuri Yadav becomes the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Extended Plot

After the resignation of JP Yadav, all the party members along with Madhuri and Akhandanand Tripathi are sitting inside the CM office to discuss a name suitable for the next CM position. But before the discussion, Akhandanand Tripathi on behalf of Madhuri Yadav grants everyone permission to let her speak a few words about her father’s death. She stands up and talks about her father’s dreams and goals. Akhandanand Tripathi gets shocked when Madhuri gives her name for the next CM because he thought Madhuri will give his name for the next CM.

Here, Madhuri goes into a flashback to when Akhandanand Tripathi and JP Yadav were talking about the loss Akhandanand Tripathi will go through after the death of the CM. Madhuri was listening to all this and at that moment she decided to become the next CM. She says because of being the daughter of UP it will be easier for her to deal with its people after the incident JP Yadav has done to the party. Everyone is in favor of Madhuri and she becomes the CM of UP.

Munna is very much happy with his wife being the CM. He is proud but he also knows that his father is jealous of his wife because someone in the family has more power than him. Sharad and Munna are talking meanwhile, Sharad persuades him by saying that he now has every right to do anything because of being the Chief Minister’s husband. But Munna says that his only dream is to rule over Mirzapur. After saying this, Munna visits his factory and distributes guns between the workers. From here, Munna gets to know that Maqbool has not killed his nephew, Babar yet. So he visits Maqbool’s house. A serious fight takes place there. When Munna is about to shoot Babar, his grandmother holds his hand because of which he was unable to shoot him. Frustrated Munna kills Maqbool’s mother and Babar in one go. After shooting, Munna Says that they deserved it and he has not regenerated, killing Maqbool’s mother.

Maqbool arrives at his home and finds Babar and his mother’s dead bodies. He gets heartbroken thinking that he is so loyal to Tripathi and what gives him in return for his loyalty.

Akhandanand Tripathi and Satyanand Tripathi show up at his mother’s grave. Akhandanand Tripathi says that he has sent Munna for killing Babur to which Maqbool asks that then why he killed his mother. Satyanand Tripathi says that he has given life to his mother and he has every right to take it back. Akhandanand Tripathi says he understands the pain of losing parents and after saying this he and Satyanand Tripathi retreats. Maqbool spends his whole night saying beside his mother’s grave. In the morning, we see him going inside Tripathi’s mansion with a gun in his hand.

Robin proposed to Dimpy after which they visited her parent’s house. Here, Ravikant says if he really loves his daughter and wants to spend his whole life with her then he must bring him all the information related to Guddu, whether it is his transaction, investment, or anything. After a day, Robin gives him the file which has every detail about Guddu and Lala’s money. Taking this document, Maurya and Ravikant Pande visit IG’s office and take permission to arrest Lala. In Ravikant Pandey’s absence, Maurya takes permission to encounter Guddu.

Famous Dialogues

Mummy Bahut Hi Decent Family Se Thi Humari. Munna is the speaker.

Ek Inch Na Dagmagayenge Jab Time Ayega Mirzapur Lene Ka. Guddu is the speaker here.

Tripathiyon Ki Di Hui Zindagi Samjho Tripathiyon Ne Wapas Le Li. Satyanand Tripathi is the speaker.

Casts and Characters

Ali Fazal is playing the character of Guddu Tripathi

Divyendu Sharma is playing the character of Munna Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi is playing the character of Akhanadanand Tripathi

Shaji Chaudhary is playing the character of Maqbool


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