Panchayat Season 1 Episode 2: “Bhootha Ped”

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Panchayat Season 1 Episode 2 is titled Bhootha Ped. In this episode, we get to see how Abhishek destroys the belief of villagers that there is some kind of ghosts on a tree and that the tree can walk. You can head over to Amazon Prime Video to watch this episode.


It’s been two weeks since Abhishek arrived in the village. He faces a lot of problems while adjusting to this village. One of the problems is electricity. In this episode, Abhishek solves the mystery behind the scary tree with the help of Vishal. Abhishek is now preparing for the CAT exam and for that, he has to devote at least three hours daily but because of the electricity problem in the village, he could not study. So this episode is all about how he manages to install a solar light in front of the Panchayat office by solving the mystery behind the scary tree (Bhoota Ped).

Extended Plot

In the last episode, we saw the whole village fall into darkness on the very first day of Abhishek in the village. However, villagers are used to this problem but not Abhishek. He has been facing an electricity problem for 3 weeks and he has difficulty studying during the night after the power cut. To cope with the problem, he studies under the light of candles and lamps. But all these are only temporary solutions. He must find a permanent solution.

In Panchayat Season 1 Episode 2 drowning Abhishek catches at a straw when he gets to know that there is going to be a meeting about solar light. In the meeting, it is discussed that they have to install 13 solar lights in different places of the village. Out of these 12 are already installed near the places of high-profile people of the village. Now it is to be discussed where the 13th light will get installed. Everyone gives a different idea eventually a person comes out with an idea to install the last solar light near the scary tree (Bhootiya Ped).

Abhishek thought he would convince everyone to install the last solar light outside the panchayat office. But before he could say anything, things went poles apart and now the light is going to get installed near the so-called scary tree.

The important thing is that he does not lose hope and asks Vikas. what they can do now to change the plan for the 13th solar light installation? Vikas sarcastically says that they must make the tree ghost fade away from there. He was only joking but Abhishek takes it seriously. Abhishek, accompanied by Vikas, spends one night near the tree. He examined the tree deeply but could not find clues that would indicate the presence of ghosts.

To solve the mystery behind the tree, they meet everyone who said or experienced that the tree was walking behind them. They meet a lot of people before meeting the actual one. The first one who said that the tree was walking after him, is the master of the village. He tells Abhishek that when he was coming from that way, he heard a sound. When he turned back to look where the voice was coming from, he saw the tree was walking past him. He immediately fell unconscious to the ground. When he woke up he headed over to the village and never turned back.

Abhishek seems to not get convinced by the story and when he was retreating he says that he is in contact with DM and he must tell her about the incident. Abhishek has done to make the master speak the truth.

Everything goes according to plan, when Abhishek was talking to his friend through a phone call, the master arrives and tells him that he has told everything right except for the thing he has not told him. The thing is that he smoked weed that night. Because of this, he was not in his senses and saw the tree was walking behind him. Abhishek gets very much anger after listening to the truth

Everyone (Brij Bhusan, Manju Devi, Abhishek, Master, Vikas, and Prahlad) gathers in the courtyard of Brij Bhusan. Between all this drama, we get to see a hilarious scene when Manju Devi after listening to the truth starts beating the master with a roller. Master begs pardon for his doing and requests them to not tell this to anyone in the village.

Here, Abhishek makes a plan to remove the fear from villagers. He says that mukhiya (Brij Bushan) will sleep for at least 3 nights under the tree. It will kill two birds with one stone. One will remove the fear from people’s hearts, and another will lead Brij Bhusan to win the trust of people which will prove beneficial for the next election. They also decide that the last, which is the 13th solar light, will be installed in front of the Panchayat office. After solving this problem, Abhishek seems proud of himself.

Famous Dialogues

panchayat memes

Are Baithe Rahiye Bhai, Khade Kyu Ho Gaye, Humko Baither Me Bhi Sunai Deta Hai. Brij Bhusan is the speaker here.


Panchayat Season 1 Episode 2: Famous dialogues

Vinash Kale Vipreet Budhi.


Panchayat Season 1 Episode 2: "Bhootha Ped"

Admi Ko Humesha Kuchh Na Kuchh Acha Karte Rehna Chahiye, Sir. Vikas is the speaker here.


Casts and Characters

Pooja Singh is playing the character of Rinky

Faisal Malik is playing the character of Prahalad Pandey.

Rajesh Jais is playing the character of Virendra Gupta

Vishwanath Chatterjee is playing the character of Sub Inspector


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