Panchayat Season 1 Episode 3: “Chakke Wali Kursi”

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Panchayat Season 1 Episode 3 is entitled Chakke Wali Kursi. This episode presents a new problem for Abhishek. It mainly revolves around the chair, which has wheels in it. To watch the third episode you can head over to Amazon Prime Videos.


Because of the plastic chair, he had difficulty sitting for a long time. For this reason, Abhishek brings a chair with wheels in it. Nobody in the entire village has the kind of chair that Abhishek has brought from the market. Looking at the chair, Brij Bhushan also feels that Abhishek has a higher position than him. However, the truth is the opposite to it. This episode is all about how Abhishek’s life gets affected after bringing Chair and the difficulty he faces because of it.

Extended Plot

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 3 starts with Abhishek bringing the chair from the market. Abhishek, his chair, and Vishal are on a bike when they meet Brij Bhushan Dubey. He is accompanied by Prahalad. Brij Bhushan asks him the reason for bringing the chair to which Vishal replies that the plastic chair is not comfortable for continuous long hours sitting and causes trouble and that he has to study as well. Brij Bhusan Dubey gets a little bit jealous of him.

Abhishek brings the chair with him inside the panchayat office. Brij Bhusan is the Mukhiya of the village and for this reason, a villager named Parmeshwar asks his help. Parmeshwar says that his daughter is about to get married, but the groom-to-be is asking for one single room for him and his friends apart from the procession. He says that if he could do anything concerning this, he would appreciate it immensely.

In conclusion to this, Brij Bhusan Dubey calls Abhishek and tells him everything regarding the wedding. After a while, he asks him if he has any problem giving the Panchayat office for one day. Abhishek says that he has no problem leaving the panchayat office for one day but he has some important work to do including studying. And for this reason, he is in no position to leave the Panchayat office for one day.

At first, Brij Bhusan Dubey seems to understand him but when Parmeshwar, who is filled with ego at this particular time, says that he is watching how his power is decreasing after the arrival of the secretary, he is infuriated. Brij Bhusan Dubbey then sends all his men to clean the panchayat office without consulting Abhishek.

The scene that is going inside the panchayat office is disturbing for Abhishek because of which he finds out some reason to disappear from there. While he seems to go away from the chaotic place, he meets with Parmeshwar. Seeing him solitary, Parmeshwar asks if he is free. Instead of him, Vishal says that he is leaving for the Pakauli market. When Parmeshwar asks the reason for him visiting the market he lies and says that he is going to sell the emergency lamp. When Abhishek is outside the panchayat office he asks Vishal to bring him some books so that he could visit the garden and study there peacefully. Meanwhile, Parmeshwar arrives and asks him to bring 15 liters of clarified butter with him while returning from the market. Abhishek was happy just a moment before, he thought he would study peacefully in a garden but now he has to visit the Pakauli market to bring butter.

He is frustrated when he comes with 15 liters of clarified butter. But to increase his frustration, Parmeshwar asks him to help people lighten the panchayat office. In the evening, the groom and his friends are made to rest inside the panchayat office. Abhishek is sent to bring snacks for them. When he arrives, leaving him with the groom, Brij Bhushan Dubey, Parmeshwar, Vishal, and Prahalad go to handle the procession.

After some time, one of the groom’s friends asks Abhishek to bring snacks for them. To this, he says to wait for 2 minutes. This made them feel dishonored. After 2 minutes, Abhishek provides them with snacks but the angry groom asks him to make their chair outside the panchayat office. He does the same and gives some snacks. When they open the box they find out that there are only 5 sweets instead of 7. They get angry again and the groom says that he has seen seven sweets in other people’s boxes then why are there only five in his box. And most important where is the one with silver layering on it. Abhishek is not aware of all these things. He calls Parmeshwar and asks him what’s the matter with snacks? Parmeshwar says that he is sending someone with sweets.

The groom then asks for the same chair that Abhishek has brought from the market in the morning. Unwillingly, Abhishek gives up his chair. When the groom starts removing the plastic from the chair, Abhishek gets angry and calls him Asshole. At first, the groom doesn’t get the meaning so he asks his friend to google it. The groom starts crying when he gets to know the meaning.

A meeting takes place inside the panchayat office where the groom’s father speaks in favor of his son. Abhishek says that there is another meaning to it which is stupid. To take the matter into control, Brij Bushan says that Abhishek is a very satirical type of person. One day he called him stupid. To this, the groom’s father asks what he has done when he said that. To this Brij, Bushan says he also called him stupid in return. Listening to this, the groom’s father asks his son to repeat the same word. But the groom says that he will not call him stupid but Asshole. After this, everyone starts clapping for him but the groom doesn’t stop here. He says that he wants the chair that Abhishek owns. Abhishek gets ready to give the chair. And this is how Abhishek ends up losing his chair which he has brought in the morning. Brij Bhushan gives his chair which has no wheel to Abhishek. In the end, we get to see that Brij Bushan brings another chair for himself similar to Abhishek’s chair.

Famous Dialogues

Chakka Bhi Lga Hai, Pradhan Ji, Apki Wali Kursi Me To Chakka Nhi Hai N. Parmeshwar is the speaker here.

Sahi Me Moody Aadmi Hain, Kabhi Bhi Kuchh Bhi Bech De Rhe Hain. Parmeshwar is the speaker here.

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 3

Gajab Bejjati Hai, Yar! Groom’s friend is the speaker here.


Shrikant Verma is playing the character of Parmeshwar.

Rajesh Jais is playing the character of Virendra Gupta.


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