Panchayat Season 1 Episode 4: “Hamara Neta Kaisa Ho”

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Panchayat Season 1 Episode 4 is Hamara Neta Kaisa Ho. This episode roams around the government banner and how it creates chaos in Abhisekh’s life. This episode was released on the 15th of August in the year 2020.


From the day he arrived in Phuleri village, every day brings a new challenge for him. In this episode, Abhishek finds himself juggling with another problem. He has to solve another problem related to the government banner. BDO orders him to put up the banner as soon as possible and failing to do this will cause trouble for him and he may face disciplinary charges as well. The villagers are upset because of the banner words that go like Do Bache Meethi Khir Baki Bavasir. It is interesting to see how Abhishek solves this problem.

Extended Plot

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 4 starts with Abhishek’s home (Panchayat office). He receives his mother’s phone call. She asks him if he has eaten breakfast or not. He replies in the affirmative. But she does not seem to stop here, she further asks if has taken milk. He lies and says that he has taken the milk. She asks him to send pics while drinking milk. Abhishek denies it by saying that he is getting late for work and he must go now.

While he was going to the spot where the banner work is happening, he gets a phone call from BDO who informs him that he has to speed up his work in order to avoid getting suspended. Abhishek immediately visits the place along with Brij Bhushan, Vikas, and Prahalad. After asking about the work, the person who is making the banner says that the work is almost complete.

Remembering the morning incident, Abhishek says that he is thinking of buying some milk for him. Prahalad says why to go somewhere else when Brij Bushan is here. He added that he has almost every kind of buffalo and cow with him. Abhishek gives a warm smile here. Bridge Brij Bhushan then asks him if he would like to take cow milk or buffalo milk. Abhishek has no idea about all this, so he says that anyone will do nicely. But Brij Bhushan seems to get engaged in the communication and he says that he should take buffalo milk and present him with the name of three buffaloes from which Abhishek selects one. In the end, Abhishek gets ready to buy half a liter of milk and asks how much money he would have to pay monthly. Brij Bhushan says that he needs not to pay any money as half a liter of milk is very less.

The communication is at the uppermost height when they visit another place where the banner work is going on. In this banner, it is written that Do Bacche Mithe Khir Baki Bavasir. One person accompanied by his three children sees the banner and he seems to get triggered and hurt by the message the banner has contained. One after another everyone starts complaining about the banner.

Soon Brij Bhushan Dubey asks Abhishek to talk to BDO and convince him to remove this banner. Here Brij Bhushan gives him one bitter gourd to give BDO. Abhishek with Vikas tries to make BDO understand the difficulty they are going through after putting the banner in the village. The BDO seems to not get convinced and says he got the order from the DM itself. He added that he is unable to do anything in this business because the DM herself has written the message because the word “Piles” in it will trigger people’s minds.

Abhishek conveys this to Bridge Bhushan Dubey. He made him aware that if they don’t put up the banner again, they would have to face disciplinary charges. Brij Bhushan asks Abhishek to go and study. Manju Devi is making Brij Bhusan’s bed. She was listening to everything and when Abhishek has gone from there, she says that she is in favor of the banner words. She even says that (Brij Bushan) has got no courage to put up the message because he fears the election result. She says if he doesn’t like his name then put her name at the end of the message and tell everyone that this message is from Manju Devi because she believes in it. Apart from this, she tells him to ask for the money from Abhishek.

After thinking so much, Brij Bhushan calls Abhishek. He asks him to call every ward member in the panchayat office in the morning. Everyone gathers inside the office. Brij Bhushan conveys his idea that whatever the message is saying is in no way wrong and that he is in favor of it. He, then, orders every member to go into their ward and spread that these words are absolutely correct and these are for their benefit only.

Everything is going okay until Abhishek gets a phone call from BDO. He informs him that the message is not important because someone has 7 children and when he read that message he fired the whole Panchayat office. After saying this, BDO immediately cuts off the phone call. Abhishek starts thinking that someone will also fire his office. He got really scared. So he tries to convince Brij Bushan Dubey to stop those ward members before they can reach anyone. But Brij Bhushan says that he is now in favor of the message and he is feeling courage inside him. He adds further that he feels like he is in the path of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Here Brij Bhushan tells him that he has to pay 750 Rupees monthly for the milk.

Famous Dialogues

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 4

Do Bache Hain Mithi Kheer, Usse Jyada Bawaseer.

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 4 Memes

Pradhan Ji Ke Paas Bahut Paisa Hai, Sachiv Ji, Khet Hai, Gai Hai, Aur Kya Chahiye.


Casts and Characters

Chandan Roy is playing the character of Vikas

Raghubir Singh is playing the character of Brij Bhushan

Neena Gupta is playing the character of Manju Devi

Faisal Malik is playing the character of Prahalad Pandey

Rajesh Jais is playing the character of Virendra Gupta


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