Panchayat Season 1 Episode 5: “Computer Nahi Monitor”

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Panchayat Season 1 Episode 5 is named Computer Nahi Monitor. Overdrunk Abhishek forgets to lock the door as a result someone steals the monitor. How this affects Abhishek’s life is something to watch in this episode.


After finding his friend enjoying his life, Abhishek decides to drink two bottles of beer. Nonetheless, his enjoyment departs when he finds out that he forgot to lock up the door the previous night after drinking. As a result, someone steals the monitor. Now, the police and Brij Bhushan think that Abhishek helped someone steal the monitor. This episode is all about how Abhishek deals with this problem.

Extended Plot

Tired from the preparation for the CAT examination, and unhappy after discovering the Instagram post of his friend, who seems to enjoy his life after getting a job in a multinational company, Abhishek purchases two beer bottles. Taking one bottle of beer in one hand, he strives to take a selfie. when he is about to post that on Instagram he sees the background. He finds it disturbing and decides not to publicize it. After this, he gulps the whole two bottles of beer.

The next day, when he wakes up he finds the unavailability of water in his room. For this reason, when he opens the door to bring water from outside, he gets alarmed to see that he forgot to lock the door the previous night. He appears inside the panchayat office and finds out that the monitor is missing from its position.

After searching the entire office, when he could not find the monitor, he calls Brij Bhushan and notifies him about everything.

Brij Bhushan was in an incredibly good mood before he received Abhishek’s call. When Abhishek tells him about the monitor, he gets angry and visits the Panchayat office. He scolds Abhishek for his negligence. He is so disgruntled from the robbery that he asks Abhishek to look for another room in the Pakauli market. Brij Bhushan withdraws from there.

Abhishek along with Prahlad visits the police station to file an FIR. They are asked about the monitor but they seem to not even be aware of the company’s name. When they are done with the FIR, Abhishek tells Prahlad that he is going to the Pakauli market to search for another home. However, Prahlad is against this idea and somehow stops him from shifting to another home. He tries to make him understand that Brij Bhushan has said those words angrily and he certainly didn’t mean to hurt him. Nevertheless, Abhishek and Prahlad arrive inside the village.

The very next day, the inspector arrives for the inspection. He checks every corner of the panchayat office and asks several questions to Abhishek. From his interrogation, he gets to know that Abhishek is preparing for the CAT examination because of his ambition to acquire more money. This made the inspector have doubts about him.

Because of this, the inspector visits Brij Bhushan’s house. He tells him everything and says it might be possible that Abhishek and some men have stolen the monitor. However, Prahlad is against this idea because he knows that Abhishek can never do this. Brij Bhushan is mad at Abhishek and because of this, he permits the inspector to enquire about Abhishek deeply. When they visit the panchayat office, the inspector asks him the reason for drinking alcohol on the same night when the monitor was stolen.

Abhishek has never been this much angry. He says that he was feeling lonely that night. He has no friends here, he has no one to talk to, he has no one to share anything with, he has not made any connections with anyone and the whole village sleeps at 7 or 7:30 p.m. In this case, what a man can do if he doesn’t drink alcohol. Angrily he puts his hands forward and tells the inspector to arrest him if he has done anything wrong.

Whatever Abhishek has said seems to have molten Mukhiya’s heart. He tells the inspector that he knows Abhishek has not stolen the monitor and asks him to leave.

Now, Mukhiya inside his home with dinner in front of him seems to not be happy with it, he calls Vikas and tells him to ask Abhishek whether he has eaten the dinner or not. After a while, Mukhiya receives calls from Vikas. He tells him that Abhishek has not eaten anything. Afterwards, Brij Bhushan, Vikas, and Prahlad visit to see Abhishek.

Abhishek gets amazed to see them with alcohol and food. They are there to celebrate Saturday weekend. Mukhiya also says that he is free to live in the Panchayat office and no one will stop him until his death.

In the morning, Abhishek opens the door and finds out that the person who stole the monitor, has left the monitor outside the panchayat office with a note in which it is written that he confused the monitor with TV and he is sorry for that.

Famous Dialogues

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 5

Soche Bhi Humhi Aur Mange Bhi Humhi. Manju Devi is the speaker here.

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 5

Sasure Angrej Sorry Aese Chhod Ke Gye Hain Ki Kiso Ka Murder Kar Dijiye Aur Sorry Bol Ke Kinare Se Nikal Jayiye. Brij Bhushan is the speaker here.

Casts and Characters

Jitendra Kumar is playing the character of Abhishek Tripathi

Chandan Roy is playing the character of Vikas

Raghubir Singh is playing the character of Brij Bhushan

Neena Gupta is playing the character of Manju Devi

Faisal Malik is playing the character of Prahalad Pandey

Vishwanath Chatterjee is playing the character of Sub Inspector

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