Panchayat Season 1 Episode 6: “Bahot Hua Samman”

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Panchayat Season 1 Episode 6 is Bahot Hua Samman. For the first time, we see Abhishek fighting with some rogues. This episode delivers some hilarious scenes to lighten your mood.


The examination form of CAT has arrived in which every candidate has to upload their photograph. For this reason, Abhishek goes to Fakauri market to get his photograph done. But there he meets with some rogues who threaten them (Abhishek and Vikas) to kill. At first, Abhishek seems to not get affected by this. However, something happens and he gets ready to fight with them. To know what makes him fight with these rogues and how high he is, read the extended plot.

Extended Plot

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 6 starts with Abhishek sitting inside a shop and a photographer takes his passport size photographs. This is because Abhishek has to submit his photograph for the CAT examination form. When he arrives outside the shop, he finds out that Vikas is arguing with some people. When he asks Vikas he gets to know that those are rogues fighting over a small issue. As a matter of fact, Abhishek has parked his bike outside the shop on only one stand. When Vilas saw them sitting on the bike, he tells them to not sit on it. But this small thing hurt their ego and made the rogues irritated. They start abusing Vikas and Vikas does the same in return.

When Abhishek hears this, he again says that they could have fallen from the bike. This made them nastier and they phone someone and ask him to send more men. However, Abhishek seems to not be in a fighting mood. Vikas is in a fighting mood and says he is ready to fight. But Abhishek does not want to get involved in any kind of fight before his examination. Therefore, he says they are not going to fight. But before they could go, one of the men asks the photographer about the time when Abhishek will arrive to take his photograph. He answered that at 11 am yesterday.

Abhishek and Vikas arise inside the panchayat office here Vikas says that Abhishek has no self-respect if he was in place of him he would have definitely fought with them Abhishek answers that during the time of examination he doesn’t want any trouble in his life which have the capacity to disturb his mind. Vikas tells him to tell Brij Bhushan about this incident. Added, he would see those rogues. But Abhishek orders him to not tell anyone including Brij Bhushan. Vikas asks what he will do when he visits the shop tomorrow at 11 am. To this, Abhishek replies that he would not visit the shop at that time.

Abhishek visits the shop and finds out that the photographer is from that rogue’s village. For this reason, the photographer has given them his photographs. When Abhishek is going, the photographer asks if he is running away from there or will stay on the market, because he has to tell those men. Abhishek ran away from there.

When Abhishek arrives inside his room, he gets a phone call from those rogues who invite him to a place for fighting. This time after a verbal fight, Abhishek gets ready.

He meets Brij Bhushan and Prahlad. He tells them everything he faced in two days. They then ask him to take them to those rogues. Brij Bhushan, his gun, and Prahlad are on one bike while Abhishek and Vikas are on another. The latter ones visit the place first. On the other hand, the first ones have a puncture on their bike. For this reason, they arrive late.

Prahlad shows them the gun but they say that the gun is for hunting birds. Meanwhile, the rogue kicks Brij Bhushan and he falls to the ground. Looking at the condition of Brij Bhushan, Abhishek gets energy inside of him. He takes the gun, and using its back, he starts frightening them. The rogues start running hither thither. After the hilarious scenes, in the end, the rogues ask for a pardon. Abhishek says that he was saying to not sit on the bike because it was on one stand. He gives a demonstration and falls off the bike.

Famous Dialogues

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 6

Abe Ye Jangli Ho Gya Hai.

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 6

Ekdum Se Pagal Admi Hai.

Casts and Characters

Pratik Pachauri is playing the character of Bablu

Ebaadullah Khan is playing the character of Dablu.


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