Panchayat Season 1 Episode 7: “Ladka Tez Hai Lekin”

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Panchayat Season 1 Episode 7 is named Ladka Tez Hai Lekin. This episode aired on 3 April 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. After preparing for so long, the date of the examination has finally arrived. Brij Bhushan is looking for a groom for his daughter and finds Abhishek would be the right choice. How the CAT exam will affect his decision is something to watch in this episode.


Tired of dowry demand, Brij Bhushan finds that Abhishek will be a perfect match for his daughter. This is because, during a conversation, Abhishek says that he will not take dowry even if he starts earning 1 lakh per month after IIM. Putting Abhishek in complete darkness, Brij Bhushan starts taking his test. His confidence increases every time Abhishek passes the test. He also persuades Manju Devi to marry Rinky with Abhishek after the selection. However, Manju Devis is against the idea of marrying her daughter to Abhishek. It is interesting to watch what would happen after the examination.

Extended Plot

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 7 starts inside the panchayat office, Abhishek is working on his desk while Brij Bhusan Dubey is sitting at a table when Vikas brings tea for them. Starting up the conversation, Brij Bhushan makes them aware of the high demand for dowry. He says that he is looking for a boy for his daughter but no one is accepting below 20 lakhs. Vikas asks Abhishek how much dowry he will take. Abhishek replies that he would not accept dowry. Brij Bhushan says he will receive only 5 lakhs if he ever wants a dowry because of his low income. To this, Abhishek says after IIM he will receive a salary of more than 1 lakh rupees, and even then he would not take dowry.

Deenbandhu arrives inside the panchayat office for submitting the birth certificate of his newly born son whom he has named Aatmaram. This name seems old to Vikas and he asks Abhishek to suggest a name. So he suggested Arav. He adds that Arav is also Akshay Kumar’s child’s name. Deenbandhu likes the name a lot. He says that he would return after discussing it with his wife. After Deenbandhu has gone, Abhishek scolds Vikas for asking him to suggest a name.

Brij Bhushan seems to be impressed by Abhishek. He arrives at his home and asks Manju Devi about marrying their daughter with him. Manju Devi immediately denies it and asks how he could get ready to marry his daughter to a man whose salary is only 20,000. But after IIM he will earn 1 lakh per month. Manju Devi seems to not get convicted and says he is not earning yet. And what if he fails the exam? Brij Bhushan decides to test Abhishek.

Today Abhishek completed his office work early because of the exam. While he is studying, Deenbandhu and his wife Sushma arrive inside the office. They are fighting over the child’s name. Sushma wants his child to be called Atmaram while Deenbandhu wants Arav. This creates great confusion. After some verbal fights, Abhishek gives a form and asks them to come after deciding the name for the baby. When they have gone, Brij Bhushan sends him a WhatsApp forward question and asks him to solve it. After a minute, Brij Bhushan calls him and asks for the answer. However, before he could tell, Manju Devi answers the question. Abhishek says that CAT does not WhatsApp forward questions but questions from Quanta.

The same night Brij Bhushan visits the office and finds Abhishek is studying Quanta. Seeing the opportunity, Brij Bhushan asks one question from the quanta book and gives him 3 minutes. At first, Abhishek says that he tries solving this question but could solve it and eventually gets ready to solve it. Within 3 minutes, Abhishek solves the question. While they are talking, Brij Bhushan receives a phone call.

Deenbandhu and Sushma are still fighting over the name. One is in favor of Atmaraam and another is in favor of Arav. Abhishek gives a solution and tells them to ask the child what should be his name by giving him two fingers. Whoever finger he chooses will be his name. This seems like a good idea to them.

Brij Bhushan and Manju Devi return to their home. They also start fighting over Rinky’s marriage. One is in favor of marrying her to Abhishek while the other is not. To solve this fight, they find one solution.

On one side Brij Bhushan brings his two fingers toward Rinky while she is sleeping and asks her to choose one. On the other hand, Deenbandhu does the same. Rinky chooses Brij Bhushan’s option and the child chooses Deenbandhu’s option.

The examination day has arrived. Brij Bhushan is eagerly waiting for Abhishek but when he arrives, without looking at anyone heads to his room. Seeing him like this, it gets clear that the examination went bad. Brij Bhushan backs up the idea of marrying his daughter to him. Deenbandhu and Sushma also arrive with the birth certificate because instead of Arav, Awara is written on the certificate. They are shouting outside Abhishek’s room while he is looking depressed inside the room.

Famous Dialogues

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 7

Ek Kaam Karo Bache Se Hi Puch Lo Naam To Usi Ka Hi Rakhna Hai. Abhishek is the speaker here.

Casts and Characters

Sandeep Shikhar is playing the character of Deenbandhu

Jyoti Dubey is playing the character of Sushma


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