Panchayat Season 1 Episode 8: “Jab Jago Tabhi Savera”

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Episode 8 of Season 1 of Panchayat which is also the last episode of Panchayat season 1 is entitled Jab Jago Tabhi Savera. The release date of Episode 8 was 3 April 2020. From the previous episodes, we are aware that Manju Devi is the Mukhiya of Phuleri Village but her husband Brij Bhushan Dubey does all her duty. In this episode, Brij Bhushan and Abhisekh face problems in relation to this.


Abhishek fails the exam and lost hope to give it another try. While he is fighting with his internal chaos, he faces a terrible situation when he gets suspended by DM. As a matter of fact, DM visits the village and saw the absence of Manju Devi. Instead of her, her husband was about to hoist the flag. This made the DM angry and suspends Abhishek. It is interesting to watch whether Abhishek really gets suspended or not. In between all this, a lovely incident happens with Abhishek. For the first time in his life, Abhishek meets Rinky, Brij Bhushan’s and Manju Devi’s only daughter. Perhaps we will get to see their story in the next season of Panchayat.

Extended Plot

In Season 1 Episode 8 of the panchayat, we see that four months have passed but Abhishek has not changed the least after the result announcement. Sitting in his chair inside the panchayat office, staring at Mahatma Gandhi’s picture which is painted on the wall, he is immersed in his thought when Vikas says that he should not be depressed about the examination. He showed utmost faith in Abhishek’s hard work and confidently says that he would get selected next year. Listening to this Abhishek gets filled with anger and scolds him. He takes out all his frustration and every scream he was hiding inside of his mind on him.

While they (Abhishek and Vikas) are putting a banner on the outside wall of the Panchayat office, Abhishek begs the pardon from Vikas. 26 January is arriving and in relation to this, Brij Bhushan has ordered to put a banner near the panchayat office but Prahalad who is the official Deputy Prime of the village, asks him to put up the banner on the main road. Brij Bhushan could not deny it.

In relation to taking her signs on some papers, Abhishek visits Manju Devi’s home. Manju Devi knows that he could not clear the examination although she keeps saying unkind words like he does not have that much capacity. Unwillingly, Abhishek reminds her that she too does not possess mind capacity and if she does she would be hoisting the flag and would have signed these papers instead of giving a thumb impression. These words seem to acquire the mind and soul of Manju Devi. When Brij Bhushan arrives home, she tells him that she would be hoisting the flag this year. This makes Brij Bhushan a little uncomfortable but he gets ready. But what concerns him most is the person who will make her learn the national anthem as their daughter (Rinky) is not at home and he will also be visiting somewhere in relation to Rinky’s marriage. Manju Devi forbids concern about that person.

The person that Manju Devi has chosen to make her learn the National Anthem is Abhishek. Abhishek gets ready but she is a slow learner and not a learner if we say it correctly. However, Abhishek gives his best to make her learn and does everything he could do to make her learn the National Anthem but she does not catch the words and messes up with them. In the end, Abhishek installed an app on her phone and asked her to listen to it. He showed her how she could control the app, for instance how she can open and stop it while listening. After a lot of trials, she finds that she could not learn the anthem and she gives up.

26th January has arrived. Everyone (Brij Bhushan, Abhishek, Vikas, and Prahalad) gather inside the panchayat office and are getting ready for the flag hoisting. Meanwhile, Abhishek asks whether Manju Devi will arrive or not. Brij Bhushan says that she will not but if he wants he could confirm it by calling her. While Brij Bhushan is standing near the flag, he asks if Manju Devi is arriving. Abhishek nodes.

Meanwhile, the DM is going by the road of the village when she sees the banner. She looks at the image of Brij Bhushan and asks the driver to take the car inside the village.

When Manju Devi does not arrive for some time, Brij Bhushan says that she will not come and that they should continue the ceremony. When he is about to hoist the flag, the DM arrives and sees the presence of Brij Bhushan instead of Manju Devi. She immediately scolds Bri Bhushan for his doing and suspends Abhishek for letting all these things happen.

After a few moments, Manju Devi arrives. Her arrival gives breath to everyone. Even the DM and when she asks her the reason for letting her husband hoist the flag instead of her. To this, she replies that she was coming to hoist the flag. She is late because she is a woman. On this DM asks her to hoist the flag and sing the national anthem.

Manju Devi does not hoist the flag correctly but also sings the national anthem correctly. She then tells the DM to cancel the suspension of Abhishek. At the end of the episode, while talking to his friend Abhishek seems truly happy for the first time after arriving in the village. His friends tell him that he would soon fall in love with the village. He then visits the water tank and finds a girl there. After asking, she tells him that she is Mukhiya’s daughter. Season 1 ends here leaving us for the second season.

Famous Dialogues

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 8

Har Ek Ka Apna Apna Chhamta Hota Hai, Koi Collector Ban Jata Hai To Koi Clerk Ban Ke Reh Jata Hai. Manju Devi is the speaker here.

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 8

Ulta Pulta Ga Diye To Koi Internet Pe Video Bna Ke Virus Kar Dega. Brij Bhushan is the speaker here.

Casts and Characters

Kusum Shastri is playing the character of District Magistrate.

Pooja Singh is playing the character of Rinki.


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