Panchayat Season 2 Episode 3: “Kranti”

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Panchayat Season 2 Episode 3 is named Kranti. The DM raids the Phulera village and checks if its people are still going to the fields. To hide the actual truth, Abhishek makes a plan. But Bhushan is in no mood to let go of this golden chance to show Abhishek his place.


BDO calls Abhishek and makes him aware of DM’s raid on the village the next morning. The reason for this raid is that she received an anonymous tip according to which people of Phulera village still go to fields. During the raid, if she finds any clue regarding this, she will cancel the ODF (Open Defecation Free) declaration of the village. Abhishek, Brij Bushan Dubey, Vikas, and Prahlad make a plan and forbid the going of any person to the field for one day. Always in the mood to show Abhishek and Brij Bushan Dubey their actual position, this situation presents a chance of a lifetime for Bhushan. He and Vinod will ruin Abhishek and the team’s plan.

Extended Plot

Prahlad’s son, Rahul Pandey who is an army officer, has arrived in the village. Inside the panchayat office, Prahlad, Brij Bhushan Dubey, Vikas, and he are playing Ludo. Meanwhile, Abhishek gets a phone call from Vinod, who asks him to send the toilet seats as soon as possible because the chief mason has to visit another place. In the absence of laborers, Abhishek says that he is bringing the seat on his bike.

Abhishek awaits Vikas, who is to come with the seat, on his bike. After giving out a lot of horns, Vikas comes out of the office, but in a hurry, he breaks the seat. Abhishek calls Vikas and tells him about the incident. He makes sure that Vikas will receive his seat in one week.

Vikas is sitting near his half-made toilet accompanied by Bhushan, who is provoking him against the secretary.

Rinki is talking to the guy from the Malkaupur village for the first time. But she seems not to be interested in him.

At night, because of the mosquito problem in the village, Abhishek lits a coil. Meanwhile, he gets a phone call from BDO. At first, BDO asks him about the condition of the village and later tells him that DM got an anonymous tip according to which people of the village are still going to the fields. He tells him that the DM will raid the village the next morning, and if she finds anyone in the field, she will cancel the ODF declaration of the village.

Abhishek, Brij Bushan, Vikas, and Prahlad meet inside the panchayat office regarding the DM raid. From here, they visit the village temple, which has an announcement system. Abhishek announces that no one would go to the fields the next day, and if anyone gets found doing this, he would have to pay 500 Rupees. Everyone seems to understand this except Bhushan. He provokes Vinod by saying that they broke his seat intentionally, so he must do something to teach them a lesson. He then asks him to do what Abhishek forbade them to do. At first, Vinod hesitates to do this, but after receiving pressure from Bhusan, he gets ready.

Abhishek knows Bhushan and sees it coming, so he orders Vikas and Prahlad to keep an eye on Vinod. DM arrives with BDO. She is checking each field. In the field, she finds dung that seems to her to be human. BDO interrupts and says she is thinking wrong about it as it is of buffalo, and he is speaking with experience. A little far from the place where the inspection is going on, Vikas and Prahlad are keeping their eye on the field. They find that Vinod has arrived in the field. While the DM inspects other fields, she sees Vinod and goes to look for him. But before Vinod could do anything and the DM could arrive, Vikas and Prahlad arrive at the spot where Vinod was about to sit. They catch him and try to make him understand that whatever he is going to do will impact the village’s image. They make a deal according to which if Vinod does not do anything, they will arrange for him to defecate wherever he wants. The DM arrives, and when she asks them about their reason for being there, they (Vinod, Prahlad, and Vikas) do not say anything and walk away from there.

The DM finds no person defecating in the field, so she takes no action on it. At the end of the episode, Vinod gets a toilet seat for his home, while Bhushan seems angry about it.

Famous Dialogues

Panchayat Season 2 Episode 3: "Kranti"

Kranti Bina Qurbani Ke Nahi Ati Hai. Bhushan is the speaker.


Panchayat Season 2 Episode 3: "Kranti"

Kranti Karenge Prakash Layenge. Vinod is the speaker.


Casts and Characters

Sanvikaa is playing the character of Rinki.

Ashok Pathak is playing the character of Vinod

Shiv Swaroop is playing the character of Rahul Pandey

Durgesh Kumar is playing the character of Bhushan


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