Panchayat Season 2 Episode 5 (Jaise Ko Taisa)

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The fifth episode of Panchayat (Season 2 Episode 5 ) is named Jaise Ko Taisa. The installment of CCTV cameras in the village is easing the life of villagers until an unusual fight breaks out between Manju Devi and Bhushan’s wife.


Four CCTV cameras are installed on different corners of the village. On the occasion of Teej, Manju Devi visits the temple where she meets with Bhusan’s wife. Manju Devi and Bhusan’s wife are true enemies. After offering prayers, when Manju Devi turns to ring the bell, she sees Bhusan’s wife. Manju Devi and Bhusan’s wife are wearing similar kinds of slippers. In a hurry, Manju Devi wears Bhushan’s wife’s slipper and walks to her home. Soon Bhushan finds out that Manju Devi has stolen his wife’s slipper from the temple. After which, he frightens them by saying that he would file an FIR regarding this.

Extended Plot

Abhishek helps install four CCTV cameras across the village. Abhishek, Brij Bushan, Vikas, and Prahlad are sitting inside the panchayat office, and are gossiping. Brij Bushna Dubey says sarcastically, how he would tolerate his wife when she would be keeping Teej fast. Abhishek seems to not be aware of the word Teej so he asks him. Brij Bhushan tells him on this day, wives put no water fast.

From head to toe, Manju Devi is wearing a red saree with red makeup. While she is decorating the temple’s plate, she discovers that Brij Bhushan Dubey and Rinky are eating something hiding from her. When she asks them the reason. Brij Bhushan reminds him of the previous year how she got angry when he and Rinki were eating Puchkas. Manju Devi then headed to the temple.

One of the villagers visits the Panchayat office. He tells Abhishek that his goat has gone missing. He says that she is the only bread and butter of his family and asks her to show him the recorded video of the CCTV camera. Abhishek provides him a three to four hours long video and says to find his goat as soon as possible.

Inside the temple, Manju Devi happily meets with several women. After offering prayer when she turns to ring the bell, Bhushan’s wife arrives and rings the bell before her. Bhushan and his wife never leave any chance to tease Pradhan’s family. Manju Devis gets a little angry, and in a hurry, she wears Bhushan’s wife’s slipper and returns to her home.

After offering prayer, when Bhushan’s wife returns to the place where she left her slipper, she finds out that the slipper is missing. She asks everyone but could not find it. Bushan arrives inside the panchayat office and says Abhishek to show him the CCTV clip of the temple as his wife’s slipper has been stolen. Bhushan asks the first man who is searching for his goat to wait for a few minutes so that he could find the person who has stolen the slipper. After watching the clip, they get to know that Manju Devi has stolen the slipper. Abhishek tries to make them understand that she must have worn the slipper mistakenly. But they are in no mood to forgive Manju Devi. Bushan says that he will file an FIR against Manju Devi.

Everyone gathers inside the Mukhiya’s home. They are finding a way to stop Bhushan from filing an FIR against Manju Devi. Rinki says that they could delete that clip but Abhishek says that it would create more problems when police get to know that we tried to delete the clues.

Abhishek and Vikas are trying to throw Bhushan’s wife’s slipper over the wall of Bhushan’s terrace. After two unsuccessful tries, Abhishek throws the slippers wrapped in plastic inside the home, which ends up hurting Bhushan’s wife in the head.

Bhushan visits the Panchayat office. He shows them the slippers and says he is going to file an FIR. To this, Abhishek deletes the clip. Eventually, Brij Bhushan gets a phone call from Rinki concerning the fight between Manju Devi and Bhushan Devi.

Everyone reaches Mukhiya’s house, where Manju Devi and Bhushan’s wife are fighting with each other. They are pulling each other’s hair along with verbal fights. When Bhushan arrives there, her wife asks if he files an FIR. To this, Bhushan says that Abhishek deleted the clip before he could file an FIR. This ends the fight between them.

While Bhushan’s wife is going, she tells Abhishek that the next year she would be the Mukhiya and she would see him then. The villager who came to search for his goat with the help of a clip successfully finds it. When he also comes inside the house, Manju Devi asks him if he is happy with the Mukhiya. He replies that everything is good except for the road.

Famous Dialogue

Gundagardi Hai Ye, Vishudha Gunda Gardi Hai Ye. Bhushan is the speaker here

Bhushan Bhai, Khela Khatam! Vikas is the speaker.

Casts and Characters

Ashok Pathak is playing the character of Vinod

Durgesh Kumar is playing the character of Bhushan

Sunita Rajwar is playing the character of Kranti Devi

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