Panchayat Season 2 Episode 6 (Aukaat)

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The sixth episode of Panchayat ( Season 2 Episode 6 ) is named Aukaat. There is a need for the MLA fund to construct the main road of the village. Therefore, Brij Bhushan, Vikas, and Prahald visit the MLA house but things go poles apart and disturb Abhishek’s life.


Brij Bushan accompanied by Prahald and Vikas visit the MLA house regarding the road fund. There, MLA assigns them another task in which they have to strike on railway lines. They are determined to get the fund from MLA for which they give their best and lie on the railway line. The train is about to arrive, everyone left leaving Brij Bushan, Vikas, and Prahlad. In the end, they end up in jail and Abhishek has to come from the Phulers village to get them free from the police station and faces disrespect from the MLA.

Extended Plot

Brij Bhushan Dubey and Prahlad are getting ready to meet the MLA regarding the fund for road construction. The first visit the panchayat office where they get to meet with Abhishek. Abhishek is near the hand pump when Brij Bhushan Dubey and Prahlad arrive. They ask for Vikas as he is also going with them, then they ask him to come with them to which Abhishek says he doesn’t want to go there, and also he has to study as well. While they are talking, Vikas arrives. To impress MLA, Vikas has applied perfume.

They then visit the place where the MLA resides. To meet him, they have to wait for him outside his house for several minutes.

The man whose marriage was about to happen with Rinky but got canceled is disturbing Rinky by calling her from unknown numbers. When she could not handle this anymore, she asked for help from Abhishek. Abhishek takes his number and speaks like a police officer is speaking to a criminal. He frightens him enough that he would never call her again

MLA calls them inside his house. Brij Bhushan Dubey has brought a bitter gourd with himself to give MLA. MLA is a rude kind of person, and has an abusive language. when Brij Bhushan Dube offers him the bitter gourd despite being grateful for it talks rudely. Not just this, but he also has a problem with Vikas’s perfume. When Bridge Bhushan asks him for the fund he asks what he would get in return. Bridge Bhushan Dubey says that he does not have anything to offer him apart from his loyalty. MLA seems to not get impressed by this. He says people buy loyalty in pennies.

While they are talking, a man arrives and informs the MLA that to fulfill the truck they need three more men. MLA then sends Brij Bhushan Dubey, Vikas, and Prahlad with the men who are about to strike near railway lines. Unwillingly, Brij Bhushan Dubey, Vikas, and Prahlad have to go with them because they truly want to build the road as this will help in future elections.

It’s time for the train to arrive, and for this reason, police start removing people from the railway line. Brij Bhushan and companies seem to be very determined. They sleep on the track but police officers arrest them and bring them to the police station. At the police station, Brij Bhushan Dubey, Vikas, and Prahlad are trying to make the police officer realize that the whom he has arrested is the Mukhiya of Phulera village but the police officer seems to not listen to them. He thinks that they are lying.

Scared of what would have happened inside the house of the MLA, Manju Devi asks Abhishek to find them. After searching a lot, Abhishek gets to know the real location of Brij Bhushan Dubey, Prahlad, and Vikas. He visits the police station and asks why Pradhan Ji is in the police station. The police officer seems to get shocked by this as he never thought that whom he has arrested is the Mukhiya. He immediately leaves them.

Vikas and Prahlad have left their bikes inside the MLA’s home so all four of them visit the MLA’s place again. The MLA got angry on seeing them standing in front of him as he planned to visit the police station personally as this will work as a publicity stunt. He then asks who brought them out of the police station Brij Bhushan says Abhishek. MLA scolds Abhishek in abusive language. The MLA then says that if they want to build a road then they must collect a crowd. After this, all four of them return. Abhishek is angry and heartbroken at the same time. Rinky, taking his phone number from Manju Devi’s phone, calls Abhishek, which gives a beautiful smile to his face.

Famous Dialogue

Wafadari Ka To Dubey Ji Aaj Kal Achar Bhi Nahi Banta Hai.

Aap Logon Ke Dimag Me Kya Nitrogen Bhara Hua Hai

Casts and Characters

Pankaj Jha is playing the character of MLA Chandrakishore Singh


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