Panchayat Season 2 Episode 7 Dost Yaar

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The seventh episode of Panchayat ( Season 2 Episode 7) is named Dost Yaar. Abhishek gets surprised when his friend Siddharth comes to see him. Everything is going right until Ahsihek questions his importance in Pradhan’s family.


Siddharth surprises Abhishek by visiting the village. Siddharth seems in a very good mood and looks forward to adventures in the village. On the other hand, Brij Bhushan Dubey is arranging a religious prayer where he is thinking to invite the MLA. While Abhishek, Siddharth, Vikas, Prahlad, and Brij Bhushan are sitting under the shadow of a tree, Brij Bhushan tells Abhishek that he is inviting the MLA for the prayer. There, he would ask him for road funds. Abhishek who is already upset with the behavior of the MLA, this things hurts him more and he asks about his importance in Pradhan’s life.

Extended Plot

The MLA told Brij Bhushan Dube to call him only when he successfully gathers a crowd. For this reason, he is arranging a religious prayer inside the village because it will bring villagers together. Prahlad and Vikas are standing on the main road. They are asking all the passers-by to contribute to the prayer. While they are doing the work, a person arrives on a rickshaw. He introduces himself as Siddharth and tells them that he is looking for his friend, Abhishek is the secretary of the Panchayat office.

Vikas and Prahlad introduce themselves in return. Siddharth says that he knows everything about them as Abhishek talks about them all the time. When they are done talking, they tell him the way to the panchayat office. Siddharth surprises Abhishek by visiting the panchayat office. Siddharth looks excited to visit every place, mostly the fields of the village. The first place where Abhishek takes him is the house of Mukhiya. For the first time, Siddharth meets Brij Bhushan Dubey. But most importantly the thing that excites him is Buffalo. He behaves like he has seen Buffalo for the first time. He asks Abhishek to click his photo with the buffalo. While he is giving different poses, the buffalo kicks him.

Abhishek and Siddharth are talking inside his room in the afternoon. Siddharth says that he is getting bored. Meanwhile, Prahlad and Vikas arrive. They promise Siddharth to make his journey most interesting of all. He says that they would be drinking chilled alcohol under the shadow of a tree. Prahlad calls Brij Bhushan Dube to join them. Brij Bhushan was counting money when Prahlad called him. He eventually grabs the opportunity and tells her wife to keep the money with her. Abhishek, Siddharth, Vikas, Prahlad, and Brij Bhushan Dubey are sitting under a tree on a mat. Vikas and Prahlad brought snacks and chilled beer. While they are about to drink, Brij Bhushan talks about his plan of bringing MLA into the prayer. Abhishek gets angry with this because he never thought that Brij Bhushan Dubey will call the person who has insulted him this much. He says that he always looked at him as a friend and helped him in every situation but does not receive the same from him. After saying this, Abhishek and Siddharth retreat from there.

Brij Bhushan Dubey arrives at his home and starts taking out all his frustration on utensils inside the kitchen. Inside the panchayat office, Siddharth wants to drink so he goes to bring two bottles of beer from the same bucket that Prahlad and Vikas have brought. There he saw a small python on the bucket. Abhishek immediately calls Prahlad and tells him that there is a small Python inside the panchayat office. Prahlad calls Brij Bhushan Dubey. They decide to visit the panchayat office together.

After searching till evening, when they could not find a single sign of the python, they were about to return. Siddharth says that he could not sleep inside the panchayat office because the python could arrive at any time and he fears it bites him. Brij Bhushan Dubey then invites Siddharth and Abhishek for dinner at his home. He adds that they could also spend the night. At night, Siddharth advises Abhishek to do more hard work and get out of the village as soon as possible.

Famous Dialogues

Dost Yaar Keh Dene Se Dost Yaar Nhi Ho Jate Pradhan Ji, Nibhana Bhi Padta Hai. Abhishek is the speaker here.

Kya Hota Hai N Sir, Kabhi Kabhi Ek Saanp Ata Hai, Piche Piche Dusra Saanp Aa Jata Hai. Vikas is the speaker here.

Cast and Characters

Jitendra Kumar is playing the character of Abhishek Tripathi

Chandan Roy is playing the character of Vikas

Raghubir Singh is playing the character of Brij Bhushan

Neena Gupta is playing the character of Manju Devi

Faisal Malik is playing the character of Prahalad Pandey

Sanvikaa is playing the character of Rinki.

Ashok Pathak is playing the character of Vinod

Durgesh Kumar is playing the character of Bhushan

Satish Ray is playing the character of Siddharth


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