You may have heard about the web series titled “Undekhi”. If you have not then, Undekhi is an Indian crime thriller web series that premiered on Sony Liv on the 10th of July, 2020. It has been produced by Applause Entertainment and Edgestorm Ventures. The first look of the show was released on 21 June 2020 while the trailer was out on 26 June 2020.

The story is based on real events and highlights two aspects of society – the powerful section, filled with people who think that they can escape after doing anything and the downtrodden, who finally decide to bring themselves to justice.

Undekhi starts off in the Sunderbans but soon shifts to Manali. Within 30 minutes of the show’s commencement, two murders take place. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Barun Ghosh investigates the killing of another cop, whose maimed body is discovered in the woods. Two tribal girls are in flight and Ghosh, who doubts them to be the assassins, is after them.

Season 1

The first season of Undekhi premiered on the 10th of July, 2020 and was able to garner a lot of attention because of its creativity and good dialogue delivery. The first season consists of ten episodes in total and was completed under the direction of Ashish R. Shukla.

Episode 1: “The things that men do”

The scene starts with Rishi and Saloni making a trip to Manali for a wedding shoot. However, Rishi accidentally records the murder of a ‘dancing girl’ by the groom’s father and struggles with his conscience.

Episode 2: “Is this for real?”

Rishi discovers a horrific thing in the doghouse near the resort. Saloni tries to bring Rishi back to work but Rinku, along with his siblings, is chasing Rishi. He must think of a Plan B. On the other hand, DSP Gosh senses a cover-up and heads to the resort.

Episode 3: “For cash only”

DSP Ghosh interrogates Saloni and her team to Rinku’s chagrin and finds their stories to be different. Meanwhile, the wedding ceremonies continue. Saloni exchanges a deal with Rinku in return for Rishi’s silence.

Episode 4: “Double Shuffle”

DSP Ghosh arrives with a search warrant on the wedding day. Lucky tries to get Rishi, Koyal and Praful out of the doghouse at the right time. But someone is after them. Due to some problems, the wedding comes to an abrupt halt.

Episode 5: “Catch the tiger by the tail”

DSP Ghosh, who is being assisted by Koyal, has a hard time chasing Rishi and Praful. Saloni discusses with Teji about the murder and her dilemma. Rinku, on the other hand, lays a trap on Rishi and alleges the murder of Lovely on him.

Episode 6: “The can of worms”

Rishi manages to contact Saloni at the resort. Pressure mounts on DSP Ghosh and he has a chance to encounter Teji. Daman tells the truth to Teji and she has a tough decision to make ahead. Meanwhile, Lucky still remains surprised.

Episode 7: “You have it coming”

Rinku pressurizes Teji to go on with the wedding ceremonies. Forest officials are chasing the fugitives’ whereabouts. Shashwat tries to connect with Rishi. Teji amuses everyone with her most recent bearing of managing the family business and not going to America post the wedding. DSP Ghosh later gives a showdown to Rinku and Papaji.

Episode 8: “We have got ourselves a deal”

Rinku gets the better of DSP Ghosh. Shashwat and Alice reach Manali and get involved into the desperate situation immediately. Rinku gets a parcel and realizes that the authority is shifting away from him and therefore makes a cunning move.

Episode 9: “You are safe when dead”

Lucky manages to find Rishi and his friends, but they manage to escape somehow. Timma finds the murder video which shot by Rishi and hands it to the gang. It becomes the last line of defence for Rishi. Rinku then decides to handle this matter on his own.

Episode 10: “An ace in my hand”

As things start getting better after the murder, Papaji and Rinku have new plans for Teji. Koyal manages to meet DSP Ghosh and he gets to know all the missing pieces of the Sundarban puzzle. Rinku and DSP Ghosh try to outwit each other with the local cops on Rinku’s side.